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Intro to On It: A Sexual Integrity Podcast

The On It podcast exists in service to those who may feel like something is “off” in a situation that challenges their sexual and erotic well-being and relationships. It features Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach and Trauma Resolution Practitioner and guest experts where they will focus on sexual integrity conundrums with compassion; unpacking the intrapsychic, interpersonal and cultural aspects of the situation. We hope that these conversations will help our listeners be more present and engaged with issues that get typically lost in the shadows of our typical cultural conversations.

We’ll address questions like, “How do you discern what is actually sexually integrous if you grew up in a sex-negative religious culture? What to do when you’ve been in a long term monogamous relationship and want to explore non-monogamy?” On It won’t just focus on the ethics of how one’s choices impact others but will also hold an empathic curiosity of how one can be more in integrity with oneself- honoring one’s unique needs, desires and boundaries.

Together we will bring awareness and heart to these issues to help activate your capacity to be more response-able in integrated ways. To learn more about Lorina's work as a somatic intimacy coach and SE and psychedelic somatic trauma resolution practitioner visit:


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