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The path of integration yields the most fulfilling of delights.

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Areas of focus

Intimacy - Struggles to create more fulfilling emotional and/or sexual connections. Communication breakdowns. Confidence and body shame issues. Difficulty in getting desires and needs met. Sexual trauma. Difficulty staying present and deeply enjoying sexual and intimate experiences.

Interdependence - Address attachment wounding. Navigate needs around space and togetherness. Meet codependent and avoidant patterns well. Address desire differences. Resolve issues of jealousy, betrayal and/or self-abandonment.

Integrity - Make relationship choices grounded in your core values and inherent worthiness of love. Navigate desires and boundaries well. Repair stories that create internal and external conflict. Explore unconventional relationship styles (eg non-monogamy) and agreements with integrity. Learn attunement and consent skills in embodied ways.

Areas of Focus

What couples can expect

Couples come to me with some of the following issues: sexual and relationship desire differences, communication breakdowns, questions about the future of the relationship, needs to repair a betrayal or disconnect, one or both partners struggle with a sexual trauma history, exploring new relationship agreements and/or commitments, loss of desire and more.

You can expect me to hold you both with respect and heart. After getting clear on your intentions much of our work will be about becoming more conscious of patterns that are getting in the way of the pleasure, presence and potency you both crave. You will also be experientially introduced to more skillful ways to be with yourself and each other. That might include sharing vulnerabilities and desires and/or touching each other. You come away from our work together trusting and loving yourselves and your tool kit all the more.

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What individuals can expect

I support individuals navigate a whole range of relationship status situations. Some are improving their relationship with themselves prior to exploring new relationships. Some are dating. Some are in long-term relationships. And some are engaged in some combination of all the above.


My pleasure is to support people wherever they are at. In the realms of intimacy that might look like helping you come into a healthier relationship to your body, desires, needs and vulnerabilities so you can more confidently create the relationships you crave. In the realm of interdependence I can help you navigate codependent and avoidant attachment wounds within yourself and others by helping you get more comfortable in you own skin. In the realm of integrity, I can help you be more honest with yourself around what your essential needs, desires and boundaries are, release shame and engage in relationship agreements and consensual connections grounded in your inherent worthiness of love.

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for men

Here are some issues that I've helped men* address:

  • Fears and shame around expressing your authentic and primal desires

  • Performance anxiety

  • Erectile dysfunction 

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Getting stuck in the friend zone

  • Uncertain on how to navigate somebody's boundaries and desires well

  • Confidence and body shame issues

  • Porn addiction

  • Honoring sexual trauma challenges- yours and/or your partners

  • Dating decisions; go deeper, transition, setting expectations

  • Managing unconventional relationship structures with integrity

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for women

Here are some issues that I've helped women* address:

  • Body shame and self-esteem issues

  • Self-abandonment tendencies

  • Low libido

  • Healing from a breakup or betrayal

  • Address sexual trauma challenges

  • Setting healthier boundaries and expressing anger well

  • Address codependent and avoidant tendencies in yourself and others

  • Learn more about what turns you on

  • Learn how to express your needs and desires beautifully

  • Explore different relationship styles without abandoning yourself

  • Develop more discernment around your relationship choices

  • Getting clear on STI health needs

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for folx

In addition to being available to help all genders* with any of the aforementioned issues. Here are some additional challenges I can help gender nonconforming individuals address:

  • Increase your embodied resilience and capacity for joy and pleasure in the face of adversity

  • Bring support and presence to challenges around being misgendered and misunderstood

  • Manage familial conflicts with your  gender identity and/or sexual orientation

  • Transform culturally implanted shame stories that live in your body

  • Explore challenges around safety and belonging 

*Please note that none of these issues are exclusive to a particular gender. Many of these challenges are simply human.

Please read other columns to discover which issues most resonate with you and see what it's like to explore beyond the labels.


Start with a free 30-min consult

If you're curious to know how I can serve you or y’all, I invite you to schedule a 20 min complimentary, confidential, no obligation discovery Zoom call. It's an opportunity for us to get a good sense if my work suits your needs.
In this free 30 min consult you will:

  • Find a safe space to share your challenges and intentions

  • Have an opportunity to ask questions about how I work

  • Be held with compassion and understanding

  • Be encouraged to connect with yourself lovingly

  • Get a sense if we are a good fit

  • Learn about my price structure


Intimacy, interdependence and integrity naturally arise when we tend to our integration;

the harmonizing of seemingly opposing forces like pleasure and pain, mind and body, self and other.

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Ready to explore your pleasure, presence & potency potential?

Book your free 30-minute consultation with Lorina

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