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How to Avoid Regret with Sex, Psychedelics, and Consent with Annnie Boheler ON IT podcast #3

Lorina is joined by Annie Boheler, Certified Somatica® Practitioner, Sex & Intimacy Coach, SEP to talk about how to avoid regret with sex, psychedelics and consent. Lorina and Annie are co-facilitators for a professional peer supervision group called "Contemplating Sex & Psychedelics". In this increasingly flourishing world of psychedelics for growth and play, it's vital that we work with substances in a conscious ways to reduce the chances of harm and regret if should we choose to bring them into our sexual lives. Lorina and Annie talk how to do just that. If you are a healing arts professional interested in contemplating the intersection of sex and psychedelics in your practice with your peers please join us for the next group in March

Annie Boheler works in the field of somatic and relational therapy as a coach & registered counselor. She identifies as a naturalist, holding a bachelor of science degree in ecology and holds eco-psychology as a foundation of her practice. She works with individuals, couples and groups around intimacy, sexual wellness and psychedelic preparation / integration support. To learn more about Annie visit her website: or connect with her on IG @rewildingintimacy.


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