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A Psychedelic Somatic Healing Journey

Testimonial for Lorina and PSIP

The story below is one dear client's account of her healing journey with me using the Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) model. Please note that everyone's process is different, so I caution prospective PSIP clients to step into their process with a sense of wonder rather than fixed fantasies. That said, the results of her 3 sessions were amazing and asking to be shared. May Ziza's story inspire you along your path.

"Before I received Lorina’s invitation to engage in this new Cannabis-based healing modality with her, I had a very complex, oftentimes fraught relationship with Cannabis. As such, I had stopped using it long before this opportunity came up. 

That said, when Lorina emailed me from Hawaii explaining the nature of this process, and asking if I would be interested to try it out for a few sessions, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. To be honest, part of me wanted to run screaming for the hills, but my fear paled in comparison to the part of me that recognized this as a profound opportunity. 

Lorina might be the only person in the world I could imagine doing this kind of work with. We have an incredible dynamic, founded on a deep trust, resulting from several years of coaching. Due to Lorina’s particular presence, to which she brings her immense compassion, profound wisdom and keenly perceptive intuition, I have greater access to my own higher aspects within the powerful container she holds. Through highlighting and affirming my intuitive gifts, Lorina has helped me cultivate a sense of empowerment and self-trust, which has been transformative.

When Lorina and I were scheduling the first session, the major issue I was struggling with at the time was a physical matter. I had sprained my left ankle several months prior, and over the course of my recovery, my right foot developed an injury by compensation– some kind of tendonitis that made it difficult to walk. It became so painful in fact, that the day before my first PSIP session, I went so far as to purchase crutches on Craigslist.  This piece of context becomes relevant later in the story…

I think our first session lasted around two hours total. A relatively short time, considering the amount of “ground” (Galaxy? Lifetimes? multi-dimensional realities?) we covered… I was anxious, but also somehow calm going into it. Lorina prepared me well by setting my expectations for a certain degree of discomfort, reiterating several times that this modality doesn’t shy away from *intensity*. She assured me, if ever I found myself approaching a sense of overwhelm or panic, that this was normal and wouldn’t last long. Even with all of my marijuana-related anxiety, I felt a sense of trust and safety. 

Lorina also took great care to describe the “selective inhibition” process, which I found fascinating, and totally made sense to me. She did a great job of breaking down the behavioral mechanism which would, in collaboration with the medicine, activate my old memories in need of healing. This knowledge empowered me, and I took comfort in being able to take an active role in the process. 

Then I put on a blindfold, took the medicine, and was guided through an incredible journey, the likes of which I really wasn’t expecting. Interestingly, while it was certainly intense to relive several traumas, most of which I had no prior awareness of, it was never overwhelming. Even in the midst of a full blown catharsis, as I was being flooded with violent scenes from beyond this lifetime, I felt grounded in my body, and connected to the present moment. 

I was always aware of Lorina’s presence, sitting across from me like a lighthouse, keeping me anchored to this dimension. It was incredible to be able to give myself so completely to such highly charged memories, without being swept away by them. My awareness was so expanded that even while I was “feeling and healing” all of these old wounds, I was also receiving downloads about the relevance each of them held for my current life’s experience. It felt like I was operating consciously on several different dimensions at once, alongside several different guides and allies. 

Suffice it to say, it was a truly powerful experience, which led to some incredible results in my life. First of all, right after the session ended and I bid Lorina thank you and goodnight, I experienced a rush of creative energy. I ended up spending several hours that night painting a self portrait, which reflected certain layers of the healing experience I had just completed. Even as a lifelong artist, it is rare that inspiration strikes so loudly, and that I am able to follow it so instantaneously, feeling satisfied and fulfilled by the result. That was remarkable piece of the PSIP aftermath #1.

Secondly, the very next day, I arose to find that my foot pain had all but disappeared. Now I know correlation doesn’t equal causation, and I am certainly no medical doctor, so interpret this information as you will, but the most powerful memory I unearthed in that first session with Lorina had to do with my feet and ankles. 

While I had been lying on the couch, during the second half of the session, Lorina noticed I was fidgeting with my feet, and in accordance with the selective inhibition, gently guided me to stop. As soon as I did, I was transported into a series of interconnected visions and insights, all leading me to a memory wherein I was being restrained to a hospital bed by my hands and feet, in order to give birth. It must have been from another lifetime, as I don’t have any children in this one, but that memory felt just as real to me as any from this life. It was also the moment during the entire session when I had the most powerful emotional release, and was flooded with a cascade of revelations.

The context of that particular memory holds significance for me in that I work as a doula, so birth trauma is quite relevant to my path as a birth keeper.  Then for me to go from one day walking on crutches, to the next day walking freely and without pain, and then hiking a steep mountain the very following weekend, felt as close to a miraculous healing as anything I’d ever experienced. 

So, all of that after only one session. You can imagine the magnitude of the impact I’ve felt from the full series… 

To say I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do this powerful work with Lorina is an understatement. Those three sessions of PSIP fundamentally altered my perspective on life, and therefore shifted my entire reality. Not only was I able to do some major soul-healing work, but this modality really helped me clarify what I’m doing here and why. And isn’t that what we are all looking for after all? Now I find that I am more consistently navigating my life from a higher, multi-dimensional vantage point, which is not only more true to my soul’s authentic nature, but also (in my humble opinion) just inherently more fun than being on the ground floor of this earthbound human maze. 

Finally I would just like to add, I now think of Cannabis as a plant ally and teacher, who has always been here to help. I just needed to develop the tools and find the support to be able to withstand the magnitude of the lessons she had for me… I could not have asked for a better guide in Lorina, and I look forward to continuing this work with her in the future.

So, to anyone who is curious, I say lean in. What have you got to lose? You’re in GREAT hands. I wish you all the best.


Ziza Craig, 11/11/22



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