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On It podcast: Liberating Eros & Deconditioning Our Desires with Bridget Ryan

Today Lorina is joined by Bridget Ryan. She helps queer humans integrate tools for radical self-acceptance so that you can create a world where you feel seen and secure, enough to flow into others around you. She is an intimacy coach and community organizer. Today we are talking about liberating eros and reconditioning your desires.

Through her Trauma Informed Connections and her Liberated Love Movement she demonstrates that a saf(er), more equitable world is possible, one liberated human at a time. As a co-founder of an organization forlove, Bridget has designed erotic spaces for over 500+ radically sex positive people around the world, using immersive erotic art to challenge social conditioning, remove shame from our storyline, take control of our autonomy, and actively raise money for organizations supporting marginalized communities and voices.

She will be teaching her simple, yet effective strategy for radical self acceptance in her 2hr workshop on March 12th 12-2 pst. You can register for free

You can learn more about Bridget at:


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