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Meeting the Source of Your Desires

“Want do you want?”

This is my favorite coaching question. When’s the last time you asked yourself that question?

Calling attention to my clients’ hearts’ desires never gets old. I love it. Giving yourself a safe space to tune into your deepest desires will undoubtedly unveil the juice needed to create a soul-satisfying juicy life.

New Moon in Leo

On this New Moon in Leo, I wanted to call attention to the way our desires give us the mojo to move forward with our creative endeavors, intimate relationships included. And that every act of creation, whether a beautiful work of art or a vibrant healthy relationship, requires that we make important choices.

How do your desires inform your choices?

At critical choice points in our lives, the question of desire helps us clarify what to choose. Our choices can be as subtle as a choice in perspective, to as big as the choice to have children.

The more conscious we are of where our desires come from, the more fruitful and nourishing our creations.

The Shadow Side of Desire

As potent and valuable as desires are, I think is important to bring light to the shadow side of desire:

What happens when you want something badly but are met with a litany of unmet desires?

What do you do when your desires for relationships feel so big, they seem to scare people away?

How do you react when your desires feel conflicting?

What about those moments that our desires feel so fueled with anger and frustration and they seem to do nothing but wreck havoc?

Desiring to be Devoted to Source

Finding meaningful answers to these questions can take lifetimes. That said, with Mars’ (the planet of desire) recent move into Scorpio where Saturn (limits) has been hanging out for some time, I think that the timely piece of the puzzle to explore here is discipline.

I’m not a big fan of the typical associations that arise with the word discipline. Concepts like punishment and boundaries tend to lead to contraction. Rather I’m more of an advocate of the flavor of discipline that finds its roots in the same word as disciple. Disciples are devoted to something bigger than themselves.

Disciples are devoted to love. Devoted to truth. Devoted to Oneness. Devoted their Life Purpose.

How Grace Unfolds

Recently a wise friend of mine has been experiencing a grace wave like no other. Things are falling into place for her with ease and synchronicity. Yearnings she didn’t know she had were being met beautifully.

When I look at the inner life that is accompanying her outer life, what is evident is that she intentionally aligns her actions with the impulses that feel like expressions of the Divine’s desires.

She disciplines herself to not feed her smaller egoic desires with lots of attention and energy. She devotes herself to listening for and attuning to the whispers of the Divine intelligence that knows far better than her little self. Amongst her many choices, is the choice to embrace the Mystery.

It’s a spiritual warrior’s path for sure. Letting go of all those egoic desires that seem to keep us safe is no small feet. Desires that feel rooted in control, fear, and scarcity are compelling and motiving. And the mass media’s marketing agenda knows it.

Aligning your heart’s desire with Spirit’s impulses is nothing short of revolutionary. It takes devotion to walk that path with an open heart.

What do you want to devote yourself to? What would support you to get in sync with Source’s desires as you seek to create a life that makes your soul sing?


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