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Full Body Prayer: My Favorite Way to Manifest Love

She danced for the love she felt

the love she gave away

and the love she kept

she danced to free her spirit

and to free other spirits too

~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud

My Dance was a Prayer to Be Met

I was a heat seeking missile on the dance floor the day I began my most epic and satisfying love affair. I had one full body prayer coursing through every cell, every movement and every breath: to be met.

To be honest, I was dancing out the loss of a sweet connection, a connection we both knew wasn’t a right fit. Nonetheless, my grief was being danced up and out and down into the Earth. Being with the disappointment found in the empty space got me in touch what I did want “TO BE MET.”

Specifically I wanted be met in my intensity. I wanted my fire to be mirrored and held with presence. I wanted it, I wanted it bad and anyone a mile away could feel the potency of my desires.

Letting Go of the Particulars

While I was craving to be met, I wasn’t particularly fixed on what that looked like. It was more of felt sense. It was a craving that moved me from dance to dance, encounter to encounter, impulse to impulse.

I was sending my prayers to the Universe and I was being in the moment. It was a full body prayer that had no agenda as to the particular form or shape to its fulfillment.

As I practiced letting go of my attachments and felt the potency of my desire course through me, a felt sense of satisfaction became more and more available. I was getting met! I was getting met in all sort of wonderful ways by Source.

I Met the Moment and the Moment Met Me

I was following my impulses, tuning into my intuition, receptive to the moment. And I was finding myself met in wonderful ways... I was being met in the gaze of a powerful woman. I was being met in the crazy, chaotic dance of five. I was being met by my own presence. I was being met by the music. I was being met by the ground beneath me.

And then... at some point... my now Beloved for the past 3 ½ years pinned me up against the wall. The rest is history.

New Moon Magic

Why am I sharing all of this? Well it’s a new moon in Pisces today and a little discussion of magic felt in order. While this experience is deeply unique and personal to me, I do know that if you want to call in more love in your life there are some universally applied Piscean lessons in manifestation to be gathered here.

1) Tune into your dreams and desires with your whole body.

Manifestation gurus abound talk about the importance of using all of your senses and emotions to feel into an experience of what you want. Envisioning your dreams out there, far away on the horizon as a distant experience doesn’t have nearly as much manifestation potency compared to taking your dreams into your body and being in the present moment with them.

In my manifestation dance, my whole body attention shifted its focus from an experience of loss to a present moment felt sense of the fulfillment.

2) Release your attachments

Trusting in the mystery can help you release your attachments. Allowing for grief and sorrow to wash through can also help you embrace what is. Creating space around fixed images, ideas and concepts can do wonders too.

A friend of mine, recently found herself in a wonderfully satisfying relationship. She was struck by how much this man didn’t fit her previous notions of what would be a good match. A trades man? Not an obvious point for her manifestation list, but when she began releasing her attachments and opened up to the moment someone wonderful found his way into her heart.

3) Be receptive to the present moment

That sense of longing and suffering that pools at the base of unfulfilled dreams is often perpetuated by a loss of connection to the present moment. We can easily focus on the past and what did not come to pass. We can place the objects of our focus far out into the future and create a gap between what is here and now and a sense of fulfillment.

When we tune into our desires, release our attachments and receive the beautiful mystery of what is right here, right now all sorts of magic can unfold.

So as this new moon in Pisces washes over the moment and calls forth a dreams to be seeded. I hope you take this time to tune into your desires and practice some full body prayer.


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