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Online Couple's Intensives

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Be guided to a whole new level of intimacy and satisfaction
in the comfort your own home


Why an Online Couples Intensive?

Online Intensive vs Online On-going work


Online Intensives

These are well suited for couples who are at a threshold point in their relationship. Couples here may be questioning whether or not to transition the structure of the relationship (eg from romantic partners to co-parents or from monogamous to non-monogamous).


Intensives also good for partners who are simply tired of their old relationship dynamics and want a strong infusion of more awareness, skills and support to help them experience more of what they are longing for: more sexual fulfillment, heart connection, juicy aliveness and more.


Couples who have a backlog of issues that are asking to be worked out sooner than later and are sincerely open to some fundamentals shifts are good candidates for this work. 

Ongoing Online Work

Intensives and ongoing weekly/biweekly sessions aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. One can jump start the process with an intensive and continue with regular sessions.


Ongoing work gives partners space to integrate new skills, awareness and explorations into your daily life. It also has the financial benefit of spreading out costs.


If the state of your relationship is basically stable with room to grow and there is an absence of urgency, then ongoing online sessions without an intensive is a totally valid approach.


What to Expect

Your Experience During the Intensive

Somatic Sex & Relationship Coaching Couples intensives are essentially personalized workshops weaving together embodied activities, verbal reflections and educational guidance based on your goals and desires. 


Embodied activities can range from practicing giving and receiving touch, boundary play, eye gazing, dancing, cuddling, wrestling, exploring fantasies, erotic touch skills development and more. As long as your clothes stay on there are a lot of activities that I can guide you through to help deepen your experience of intimacy, embodiment and erotic aliveness together.

Verbal reflections can include: sharing vulnerable truths without shame or blame, gentle and clear naming of the patterns that are getting in the way of your intimate connection, discussing compatibility issues and agreements with support, de-escalating triggering topics, sharing appreciations, naming core erotic desires and active listening. I will help you express yourselves and listen to each other with heart, self-awareness and presence.

Educational elements that might get woven into your intensive are derived from a number of different of bodies of work I have studied over the years. I may introduce practices and principles from non-violent communication, erotic blueprints, attachment theory, the drama triangle, neuroscience, trauma healing principles and more. Learning about these key concepts can open up vital pathways to more pleasure, presence and potency.


Setting Up the Container

Does any of the above sound intriguing to you?


If you are interested in the possibility of an intensive it helps to tune into what you two are wanting and needing. When you have some sense of your desires (perfect clarity is not necessary) reach out to book a 30 min discovery zoom call. We can discuss your intentions, ask questions, address scheduling questions and feel into whether or not you want to explore working together.

The next step is to fill out an intensive intake form and receive a least 2 hours of online coaching with me. This will help me get a better sense of the state of your relationship and your core issues at play. This will also be an opportunity for you to get a felt sense of how I work. Then we can also discuss what sort of activities, reflections and educational experiences would suit your intentions for your intensive.

At this point on the process you will be better situated to make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to invest the time, energy and resources to dive into an intensive with me.


Online couples somatic sex and relationship coaching intensives engage all of you- mind, body and soul. They offer focused, transformative, fun and intimate opportunities to grow and glow. Most of us have had deficient "educations" on intimacy and sexuality. Isn't it time you changed that and learned new skills that can yield you a life time
of more juicy fulfillment?

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Ready to explore your pleasure, presence & potency potential?

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