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Maui, SF Bay Area & Online

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Caterpillars need cocoons to transform into butterflies. What beauty might you enjoy if you chose a container to  metamorphose and let your wings unfold?

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Crafting Intensives

Intensives offer you an opportunity to step out of old familiar patterns and deep dive into an educational and healing container. They are custom tailored for the individual, couple or small group that request them. The intentions and structure are determined through an assessment process, online sessions and discussions. Intensives combine embodied explorations, coaching and psycho-education designed to meet your needs, desires and capacities. 


Potential Areas of Focus


Reigniting Your Sexual & Romantic Connection Helping long-term partners reconnect, release old wounds and renew their relationship

Upleveling Intimacy Skills Learn more fulfilling ways to communicate, resolve conflicts, connect sexually, balance your needs for connection and space, open your hearts, discover more satisfying relationship agreements and more

Transforming Attachment Trauma Deep dive with medicine assisted therapy to address core relationships wounds that get in the way of the love and intimacy you long for

Reclaiming Eros Helping individuals and couples unfold their erotic potential, create juicy safety and skillfully navigate sexual trauma imprints

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Intensive Options Available

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Maui & SF Bay Area
Couples Intensives

This is for partners seeking to step into a container of healing and renewal. These custom tailored transformational experiences are offered in Maui, HI and the SF Bay Area, CA. They offer facilitation to cultivate new intimacy skills, experience delicious connection and release old hurts and outdated dynamics. Discover new depths of intimacy and healing: mind, body and soul. These intensives may or may not integrate medicine assisted trauma work.


Medicine Assisted Therapy Intensives

This offering is available for individuals, partners and small groups in either Maui, HI or Oakland, CA. Receive a series of Psychedelic Somatic Therapy (PISP) sessions in-person to help you profoundly transform the traumas that get in the way of your pleasure, presence and potency in your life and relationships. Medicine options are informed by the legal contexts in which they are offered.  


Online Couples Intensives

Want to dive deep to meet your challenges and desires together? Would you like to transform in the comfort of your own home and/or just don't have the resources or time to travel? Online intensives offer both flexibility and focus for you and your partner to launch your relationship to the next level of juiciness, love and clarity. Together we can co-create a container that attunes to your goals, desires and capacities.


The transformation of a caterpillar into a radiant winged being involves the dissolution of old familiar forms within a container and the activation of imaginal cells that hold the blueprint of gorgeous new possibilities. Intensives lovingly offer all the essential elements for your transformation.

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Ready to explore your pleasure, presence & potency potential?

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