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Medicine Assisted Intensives

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Available in person in Maui, HI & Oakland, CA


For Individuals

Why Choose a Psychedelic Somatic Therapy Intensive? 

This Psychedelic Somatic Therapy page does a thorough job of describing how this form of trauma healing works. It's a potent method for transforming core wounds that get in the way of your joy, intimacy and empowerment. In an in person medicine assisted therapy intensive you will have my physical presence within a focused container to help you experience more safety and traction in your healing journey. You will be given a time and space where you can fall apart and come back together again without having to deal with work, technology and the busyness of life. I typically suggest 3 hours of preparation work (online or in person), 3 two hour in person medicine sessions paired with 1 hour of integration. We can vary this format according to needs and location. In general, I recommend 3 of these intensive blocks over time.

Location & Medicine Options 

I offer these intensives in Maui and Oakland, CA. In Oakland, CA cannabis is recreationally available. This is PSIP's entry level medicine and where I like to begin due to its effectiveness in clearing out disassociation and helping people reclaim their bodies. In Maui, marijuana is medically available and requires some considerations to procure. Ketamine is also a medicine I have experience working with. Ketamine is available only by prescription and is travel friendly. I ask clients to source their own medicine. I do not prescribe, provide, nor administer medicines. I do offer some orienting education, but primarily my offering is my somatic facilitation. 


For Couples and Small Groups

How does that work?

The PSIP method was originally designed as a 1 on 1 method, where the practitioner stays focused on one client at a time to help them process deeply embedded traumas. Classically, the client is focused on their embodied experience as they expand their awareness to include whatever stories, feelings, longings and body impulses that may get projected into the space between client and practitioner. This is a powerful approach to help integrate old relationship wounds that get unconsciously projected onto one's adult intimate relationships. This work, unto itself, is huge gift to a relationship.

In the context of a more than one person intensive it is possible to have individual PSIP sessions where the other partner or participants can engage in other activities elsewhere while the receiver can be held by my full attention. Another option is for your loved one(s) to be present and bear witness to your healing journey and the depths of your inner process. With enough preparation and skill your loved one(s) may be an evocative and healing presence that can help deepen the work. 

I can facilitate up to 3 PSIP sessions a day and hold space for up to 4 people during an intensive.  In my 4 Friends Retreat model in Maui two couples alternate medicine days as well as share group daily activities.


Where to Begin?

If you are interested in the possibility of working with me we can begin the process with a 30 min complimentary discovery call via Zoom. This is an opportunity to clarify intentions, ask questions and get a feel for working together.


Before anybody makes any big decisions regarding an intensive, I want us to take the time to build a sense of trust, connection and clarity. In the spirit of assessment and trust building, I'll ask that you fill out an intake form and that we have 2-3 hours of online coaching and prior to committing to an intensive. I will also note that not everybody is well suited for medicine work and the intake process will help us clarify what options are possible.

Are you feeling the call? Curious about what level of transformation is possible? Feel the ache to transform your relationships? If so, please contact me to set up a complimentary discovery call and lets see if what I have to offer meets your needs.


Ask about my 4 Friends Couples Retreat in Maui. Stay in a 2 bedroom cottage at a gorgeous wellness center complete with salt water pool and hot tub. This space is perfectly suited for two couples that are also friends and want to share a healing journey and relationship expanding experience together.

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