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“What generally gets overlooked is that sexual energy and life-force energy are virtually one and the same.”  -Peter Levine

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About Lorina

My name is Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP. I’m a Sex‭ & ‬Relationship Coach‭, ‬Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution and a Medicine Assisted Trauma Resolution (PSIP) Practitioner.


I’ve been professionally helping people get comfortable in their own skins since 1998‭. ‬My work in the world is to illuminate pathways that offer more pleasure‭, ‬presence and potency‭.‬


I have found that the integrative path yields the most fulfilling of delights‭. ‬‬Will you join me‭? ‬With heart and skill I guide seekers along journeys that integrate mind‭ & ‬body‭, ‬the seen‭ & ‬unseen‭, ‬hearts‭ & ‬genitals‭, ‬tears‭ & ‬laughter and so much more‭. 


Whether you are super single, dating or in a relationship, we can all benefit from cultivating a more intimate relationship with ourselves, the present moment and wonder. My practice offers a space where you can do just that.

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Increase your capacity for greater...



Learn embodied skills to increase your capacity for deeper levels of intimacy with yourself, others and Life itself. Address sexual and relational challenges that get in the way of the connections you crave.

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Transform attachment wounds that create codependent and avoidant tendencies. Get comfortable in your own skin and gracefully navigate your essential needs for both togetherness and spaciousness.



Make relationship choices and agreements grounded in your core values and inherent worthiness of love. Honor desires and boundaries (both yours and others) with embodied self-awareness and skill.


"Lorina brings a loving, caring, accepting presence to her work. I feel welcome, seen and supported when I'm with her. I can bring my wounds and confusions around my relationships with women and my sexuality to Lorina and I know she will hold them sacredly, with wisdom and supportive humor. She has a keen intuition and does a wonderful job of tracking me, meeting me where I am at and guiding me. Lorina has a wonderful combination of soft sensuality and authoritative confidence. I embrace more of who I am working with Lorina."

Joseph E

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Supporting all genders heal old wounds and cultivate the skills to enjoy more intimate relationships with themselves, others and Life itself.

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Learn how to skillfully address a variety of issues, including desire differences, communication breakdowns, attachment wounds and more.

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When we gently peel away stories of shame, lean into our vulnerability and own our desires a sense of fulfilling, pleasurable aliveness can begin to flow.

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Sincere thanks to Leah Marie Studio for the photos of Lorina‭.‬
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