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Sweet, Sour
& Sexy 

An Erotic Empowerment Group
for Asian American Womxn

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A Somatic, Online, Small Group 
Coaching Monthly Series 


Sweet, Sour & Sexy is...

A monthly, intimate group coaching program for Asian American women and non-binary beings who want to experience more erotic aliveness and sexual fulfillment.

While the experience of Asian American womxn can be quite diverse, the intention is to gather beings with similar-ish backgrounds who want to dig underneath our conditioning and support each other in creating lives brimming with more deliciousness.

Each month will be shaped by a different theme (see below).  We'll come together with illuminating inquires, insights and exercises inspired by the theme. This will prime the pump for each person to receive12-20 mins of precision coaching. Every vulnerable, courageous unfolding will be a gift to the whole. You will find medicine and resonance in our shared healing journeys.


The group size is limited to 8. Calls won't be recorded. Our container is closed for the course of 4 weekly sessions and then opens up again at the beginning of the month when the theme changes. Cost is $169 per month. 

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Upcoming Monthly Themes 


Juicy, Healthy Boundaries

The skill set required to honor your boundaries is typically not modeled particularly well in Asian cultures, especially for female identified folx. Get the support you need to cultivate more exquisite, juicy boundaries in your sexual and intimate relationships. Create more healthy containers for your erotic well-being to flourish.


fr Self-Abandonment 
to Self-Pleasuring

In this series we will inspire each other to let go of the habit of prioritizing other people's desires to the exclusion of our own and learn to make more heart, body and soul pleasuring choices. Together we will de-shamify our pleasure and dismantle the illusion that sacrificing our juicy well-being is a good thing.



Giving & Receiving

While there is no lack of cultural expectation to give for the pleasure of other's, the lessons on how to receive have been lacking for many of us. Learning how to beautifully receive is essential if we want to give from a sense of overflow vs obligation. Give yourself the support you need to set yourself up to give in ways that drips with deliciousness.



Next group starts Nov. 8th
Online Mondays 5:30 - 7:30 pm PT
Group size limited to 8

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Ready to explore your pleasure, presence & potency potential?


Register today for November's
Juicy, Healthy Boundaries Group

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