Sex & Relationship Coaching for Couples+

Would you like more connection, intimacy, pleasure, fulfilling sex and harmony in your relationship?


Do you find your relationship is struggling and you’re wondering how a sex and relationship coach might help?


In addition to working with individuals, I help couples work through challenges and learn new ways of relating that are more fulfilling, pleasurable, loving and connected.


You and your partner may consider working with me if you’re struggling with any of the following:

  • Old resentments and wounds are getting in the way of your intimacy with each other

  • Communication has gone awry and you find yourselves triggering each other in painful ways

  • Your sexual and intimacy desires seem painfully different

    • Desire differences can include:

      • The types of sex you want

      • The amount of sex you want

      • Monogamous and Non-Monogamous desires

  • You two are recovering from a betrayal like an affair or some other break in your relationship agreements or expectations

  • One or both of you are struggling with old traumas that are getting in the way of trust, peace and pleasure


I can help couples who may want to:

  • Learn new ways of communicating that create more intimacy and connection

  • Transform old defense strategies and relationship wounds

  • Consciously work with your desire differences and find more fulfilling ways of getting each  others desires and needs met

  • Work together to create more intimacy, pleasure and harmony in the relationship

  • Learn to skillfully navigate non-monogamy (or monogamy) in a grounded, honoring way

  • Transition the relationship well (eg break-up lovingly)

  • Help each other transform old trauma patterns and heal old wounds

  • Learn tools, practices and principles to bring more hotness and healing into your sexual relationship

If you are curious about how I can support you in the evolution of your love life, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a 30 min complimentary phone or Skype session to see if we are a good fit for your needs.


I can be reached at 415.295.6037 or

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