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"Lorina brings a loving, caring, accepting presence to her work. I feel welcome, seen and supported when I'm with her. I can bring my wounds and confusions around my relationships with women and my sexuality to Lorina and I know she will hold them sacredly, with wisdom and supportive humor. She has a keen intuition and does a wonderful job of tracking me, meeting me where I am at and guiding me. Lorina has a wonderful combination of soft sensuality and authoritative confidence. I embrace more of who I am working with Lorina."

- Joseph E.

"The sessions that we have had have taken me deep into my heart where my true essence is revealed. You help me get underneath the story of what I have believed about myself over the years. Now I get to see myself as a powerful man, as a lover and a healer. My truth as it is revealed is a gift to me. Your work has helped you get there. You are a gift to me. I would recommend your work any man who wants to get a better look at their true self in the presence of a woman dedicated to the healing journey". 

- John

"Lorina is a powerful somatic therapist who has helped me navigate the pathway of deeper knowledge of my core patterns and the subtle energetic intimacy which I want to explore with others. She gives exquisite attention to me as a client, giving me precise feedback on what she perceives in me and how my energy is landing for her. The work is meditative, sacred and so much fun!" 

- David 

She is definitely talented as a coach and I highly recommend her course. I have worked with her materials and their magic is in the simplicity. Combined with Lorina's self love mastery which is in her video portions of the class. This course is perfect for giving your self the most important gift of all, self acceptance and self love.

-- Timothy Earle

Thank you SO much for holding me so gently and solidly. I was able to receive gifts on many levels. I appreciate your extraordinary ability to provide a safe space and so moved by it."

-- Rachel


"What drew me to Lorina as a coach was her professed passion for helping women get what they really want, and she walks the talk. She naturally creates a safe and courageous space for her clients to more fully know themselves and take risks big and small. I had some tough decisions to make and the way seemed so unclear. Our work together helped me connect to what I really want, unlocked the answers within, and led me to make confident, resonant choices. I am so much happier, more balanced, and sure of who I am and where I stand."

-- Krista Z.


"Your amazing calming and serene manner, along with your healing energy and striking wisdom and insight always helped me to move forward with courage and hope.  You championed me and saw my strength even when I wasn't seeing it myself and this empowered me and spurred me on.  As I spoke with you every 2 weeks, I was astounded by being able to tangibly gauge my progress by comparing the place I was at 2 weeks before.  You served as a beautiful mirror for my progress and my journey.  I now feel empowered to soar to new heights in both my relationship with myself and in my interactions with men and future partnership.  Thank you, a thousand times thank you for this precious gift!"

-- Julie H


“Being coached by Lorina is like taking a walk in nature. A time to ground, soften, and reconnect with myself in a warm and spacious container. Lorina gently and lovingly helps me connect with what is true, and has helped me find ways to nurture myself, fulfill my desires, and access the power to do so. She deeply understands the human psyche and somatic body experience, and her coaching is informed both by the breadth and depth of training as well as her innate wisdom. “

– Marianna S



"Lorina is a great body centered guide.  In our time together, I experience a slowing down to meet myself more fully. She offers insightful inquiry and support through her honoring of my individual path."

-- Colleen


"You're really great to work with. I feel like I've learned a lot from you. I am consistently impressed at how you bring insight to things I accept as just sensations in my body.  I'm more present and peaceful and capable of handling difficulty than I have felt in maybe ever. And for that I am deeply impressed and thankful."

-- Karen


"Lorina speaks in a way that's both soothing and productive, a rare combination of zen and zest!"

-- Tiffany


“That last session was amazing. You nailed it! I think not only for this particular grief but for a lot of deeper stuff I deal with.” 

-- Jess

Lorina is the REAL DEAL🌟🌟🌟I am lucky enough to get the behind-the scenes..! and her skills in relationship are beyond-words amazing. Truly.She walks her talk... She relates from a place of grounded embodiment, a truly open heart,  and what I feel to be a fully authentic/empowered and rare kind of love.


I can't recommend her class highly enough for any one who wants to build a foundation for a new and true paradigm of loving and relating... A life filled with love sourced from within that then shows up in off-the-charts fulfilling relating in ones life!


-- Tobin

"Lorina guides with an integrity of absolutely embodied wisdom and radiant heart. The course that she's developed manages to deconstruct a vast and infinite realm into digestible steps. Truly powerful. 


I had the privilege of taking part in Lorina Manzanita's developing run of this program. It is phenomenal. The material is deep, applicable, and well organized to create real and lasting growth. In addition to being a solid, grounded, wise, and sultry being, Lorina is a master space holder. I couldn't recommend this course more strongly to anyone desiring support in developing their sense of Self, inner strength, and easeful radiance."

--Lisa Price, Shadow Tantra Facilitator

"All aspects of my life have been beautifully touched and profoundly impacted by participating in Lorina Manzanita's brilliant offering, "Your Compelling Bubble of Love"!


This seven week course has provided me with tangible and accessible tools toward my cultivation of self love, which has created a whole new, more love filled orientation to all my relations and life itself.  The grounded practices and content were so easy to digest and beautifully woven.


Lorina's authentic, grounded, compassionate, and heart-oriented guidance created an immaculately safe container for full exploration and support. I felt so held, seen, supported in this deep journey! Lorina's tremendous gift and wisdom in the landscape of the heart is beyond anything I have ever experienced! I constantly find myself utilizing the concepts and practices in my daily life, and plan to refer to the course content for years to come! 


Since completing the YCBL, my life is filled with more love, ease, harmony, clarity, freedom, and connection. I highly recommend the YCBL course for all women, whether one is seasoned in the journey of self love, or just making the first steps in the path. Lorina has offered such a gorgeous & important gift to the world, and I am beyond words grateful! "

-- Mackenzie Eason, Doula & Massage Therapist

"I took this course from Lorina Manzanita a few months ago, and I have to say, it is STELLAR. Lorina maps out self love skills like no one else. With compassion and humor and depth, she guides us into such beautiful awareness and inquiry. If you're wanting a deep dive catalyst into self love, this is IT.


I have been diving deep into the pools of self love these past months, and Lorina’s 6 week course has been such a beautiful addition to my exploration.  It’s called Your Compelling Bubble of Love, which is an effervescent name for some seriously deep and profound feet-on-the-ground self (and relational) love sh-skiillllz.  It can be so daunting to look at all the crazy projections and shame and fear and anxiety we dump all over ourselves and others in an attempt to love and be loved, and it’s sometimes hard to even know what the hell we are doing!  The amazing thing is, Lorina manages to break that shit down for us!  I know, it’s crazy. But really.  She does.  I have been using and contemplating the skill set I learned from her EVERY DAY since the course.  And even just the organization of it, the way each skill builds on the one before it taught me something about how I get to the places I find myself relationally.  It’s beautiful work, and I would recommend it to anyone!  Truly." 

-- Effie Clover, Therapist

"I would highly recommend this class to any person who could use more abundant and healthy love in their lives. I was originally hesitant to take this e-course because I was afraid to face that truth that my current relationship was not working. Although it wasn’t an easy ride, I’m so glad I did it. I learned direct and clear skills to regulate intense emotions and was reminded of my own sheer brilliance and light. At a time when I could have easily gotten lost in the dark, Lorina and the group of other women, helped hold me accountable to loving myself and standing true to my beliefs. This course is easy to follow, clear and straight to the point. It’s completely do-able even if you don’t have a lot of time. I recommend it for all curious people who feel ready for growth and positive change. 


--Rachel Jordana Psy.D, Psychologist

"I joined Lorina's group at a time when I was voluntarily ripping my relationship life apart and tearing down my prison of illusory security in a relationship that wasn't aligned for me. I am so grateful for Lorina and the skills and guidance this course provided. The skills in this course are SOOOO good, so essential, so practical and so profound all at the same time! Lorina's flavor of love, spaciousness, ease, permission and fluidity made it all feel really welcoming and easeful. There was no striving to master a new "way of living" and it wasn't about more rules to follow, but instead was a generous invitation to embody practices that genuinely support inner awareness, love and clear action.


This course was profound and helpful and supportive and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Lorina!"

-- Amanda Stanson PhD, Transformational Life Coach

"This class was clear, concise, and well developed. Each week built on the one before. The "homework" coupled with the reading, the video, and the phone conference call created an easy rhythm for me to develop a relationship with the work. 


On a deeper level, this practice really transformed my heart and my life. Most important, I saw very clear ways I could transform  my sense of being in the world to in order to heal old wounds and redefine patterns to be more empowered in my relationships. I take charge of my own sense of self and my own happiness in a way I didn't know how to before."



--- Emilie 

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