Begin Again as the Author of Your Life + New Offering for Men

December 31, 2016


New Moon. New Year. New Beginnings.


How do you want to start?


I’m in Maui right now, concluding a month here of letting go, tuning in and giving space for the new structures of my Life unfold. Here’s a little context: right before my Birthday on Dec 9th I let go of my sweet, sweet steady paycheck as a massage therapist at Google in order to devote more time and energy to sharing my Goddess given gifts as a sex, intimacy and relationship coach.


Soon I will be back in the SF Bay Area (Jan 5th), ready and super available to pour more of my attention, love and juju into my intimacy coaching practice with my existing, beloved clients and to do what I need to do to call in more people to share my love and my gifts with.


At this pivot point that we all share (aka the new year) it seems valuable (both personally and collectively) to pause and ask the question:


As the author of my life… what new stories do I want to create?


Now is a time to begin again (as the creator of Soul Motion would say). We all have an opportunity to let go of the old stories that no longer serve us and invest more time, energy and resources into the stories that would generate more juice, pleasure and aliveness. This sacred opportunity, in truth, is available to us every moment of every day. That said, there is also something potent about harvesting the energy of the collective and setting intentions together.


Care to join me? To inspire your process, I thought I would share with you a few of the stories I am letting go of and some of the stories I am deepening in my love affair with.




Old story: I need to hide big parts of myself in order to make good money.


New Story: I call in more abundance and financial support by intentionally letting my whole self be seen and shine.




Old Story: I am more safe and protected when I submit to authorities that exist outside of myself.


New Story: I am my most resilient, strong and supported self when I own the truth of my inner authority.




Old Story: My sexuality needs to be tucked away, hidden and ignored if I am to be regarded as a “good and respectable” professional.


New Story: My sexuality, sensuality and animal body wisdom is honored, valued and beautifully integrated in my professional offerings... and that is just one aspect of my badass awesomeness.




So there you go-- prompts to inspire you and little snippets from my unfolding story all rolled up into one.


Here’s that question for you again:


“As the author of your life… what new stories do you want to create?


I hope you chose to create new 2017 stories that light up your heart, body and soul.

Lorina’s New Offering:


Somatic Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching for Men



I am now officially certified as a Somatica Level 1 Sex & Relationship Coach. Whoohoo!


I am truly loving this work, feel exquisitely made for it and find myself deeply honored by the potent, healing beauty that has been unfolding in my intimacy coaching practice with men of late. This method is the latest addition to my already abundant skill set as a trauma resolution practitioner and relationship coach. And it has been a phenomenal one.


The Somatica coaching method is experiential and body-wise and is unique in the fact that the normal boundaries of coach and client do not apply. When I work with men (or any gender attracted to women) the inclusion of erotic energy and touch is not off limits. Sometimes my work looks like clothes on Dakini work. Sometimes it involves holding my client’s hurt inner children. In all cases I am offering a loving, non-judgemental and embodied space attuned to my client’s healing process.


Within this profound form of coaching there is an opportunity to cultivate intimacy skills in real time, by paying mindful attention to what is happening the room, in the very real and intimate relationship between myself and my clients.  In this context, the learning of new and more satisfying intimacy skills happens in the here and now with body’s muscle memory engaged.


It’s a powerful way to address issues such as:


~ Getting stuck in the friend zone

~ Dating dilemmas

~ Sex and/or porn addiction

~ ED

~ Sexless marriages

~ Healing old wounds around sexuality and intimacy

~ And more..


To learn more you can read about it here.


If you are a man (or any gender attracted to women) and are curious to how I may help you experience new and deeply satisfying levels of intimacy, please reach out for 30 min free phone consultation. You can reach me at 415.295.6037 or


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