Manifesting Grounded Love in 2016 & the "Voldemort Phenomenon"

January 10, 2016


Happy 2016!


It’s a new year, new moon and mercury is in retrograde.


Manifesting Grounded Love in 2016
The New Year can be a potent time to establish visions for the coming year (i.e. goals to be met and intentions seeking manifestation.) More often than not, one’s new year’s wishes include desires for love and partnership. Grounded love... manifest love... real love... who doesn’t want some of that goodness?

The Voldemort Phenomenon

As I meditate on the astrology of this new moon, the following phrase comes to mind: “The Voldemort Phenomenon.” These words came out of my mouth as my partner and I were getting to know an awesome couple and heard their story of coming together.
I have seen some version of this “Voldemort Phenomenon” repeatedly in the lives of people who finally manifested a grounded, loving partnership. It feels worthy of a deeper look.


So what the heck am I talking about?


Voldemort is a Harry Potter character who tested Potter to no end; pushing him to grow, evolve and claim his power. He never seemed to completely die until the day Harry willingly stepped into the death portal himself. Years of pain, suffering, loss, chase and pursuit came to an end when Harry made the empowered decision to embrace death. He knew by facing the uncertainty of death he would extinguish Voldemort's last strong hold.


Even though Harry gave himself to death, his absence on the earth plane was only temporary. He came back to life-- free from that powerful force that had a lifelong hold over him. He was a new, liberated and empowered young man. His entire life and was transformed. Whole new possibilities were ahead of him


Stories of Finding Grounded Love

“The Voldemort Phenomenon” in a real life person’s story of learning how to manifest grounded, liberated love looks like this:


They fall in love. They are under a spell and feel deeply bonded to this person-- a bond they feel powerless against. At some point, this relationship turns sour and intensely stirs up all sorts painful patterns. Their personal Voldemort tests our champion to no end; pushing them to grow, evolve and claim their power. It’s only when they are willing to step into the excruciating sensations and emotions of what seems death (e.g. breaking up, claiming a big hard truth) do they come out the other side.


Our transformed hero emerges liberated from the torment of being spell-bond to their own personal Voldemort. They stand empowered and free. They said ‘yes’ to death and found freedom. And in this place a new partnership emerges. Their new relationship is grounded and creative, sustainable and loving.


A Healing Story

Here’s the take away: if you want to manifest grounded, liberated love you need to be willing to die (at least metaphorically.) In light of this phenomenon, when I work with clients who are in a process of calling forth a partnership I will help them learn how to lean into the exquisite vulnerability that gets stirred up in the face of a powerful bond.


There are many metaphoric deaths in the dance of intimacy. They included letting go of cherished ideas and expectations about relationship, breaking up and/or changing the structure of a relationship. Internally the feeling of facing a “death” can conjure sensations of ponding hearts, sweaty palms, knotted bellies and heart constriction. Feelings such as fear, grief and anger can also get stirred up.


The healing path is to be present to the emotions and sensations of vulnerability as you untie the bonds that are keep you in a state of disempowerment. These evolutionary growth opportunities doesn’t always have to be super dramatic. It could be something like feeling the pounding in your heart and still telling your new love the truth about your sexual preferences.


By facing vulnerable moments over and over you will transform your being that can be present and empowered while also in a deep and loving relationship. I know, easier said than done.


Set you New Moon, New Year Intentions

Thankfully, it’s a new moon of a new year. Sounds like there is a potent intention in here for the coming year. Reflect on the long game of your love life. You will get to where you are going in due time. You have the strength and please trust that you have the power within your being to transform your love life from the inside out in grounded and liberated ways.


With Love,


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