How to Turn Drama into a Healing Opportunity


It's a new moon in Virgo activated by a solar eclipse and touched by the story of the wounded healer. It definitely the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

I thought it would be a good time to explore a new medium and inquire with my 'Partner in Divine' how to turn drama in your intimate relationships into a healing opportunity. This video was recorded before we had received the news that our favorite place on the planet Harbin Hot Springs, healing sanctuary and retreat center, was ravaged by a fire.

I doubt we would have been this chipper knowing what we know now. But I would say that much of the pearls shared here are timeless.

I would highlight though, the importance of giving time and space to let our full spectrum feelings to be felt with presence and as we consciously stretch to trust in the mystery of Life. As best as one could in any given moment.

So that's what I am doing now, in the face of so much loss. I'm feeling and trusting, feeling and trusting, feeling and trusting. Grounding in a deep appreciation for the beauty that was made possible because of Harbin's majesty, praying for all those displaced by the fire, and staying present to the exquisite vulnerability of life's temporal existence.

With that said, if you would like some support on how to turn drama in your intimate relationships into a healing opportunity, please click on the video below:




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