Do you have the Discipline to Truly Shine?

July 30, 2015



Shining Seems to Take Discipline

Lately I’ve been aware of how much discipline it takes to shine, both in love and in life.


That awareness shows up when I wake up groggy because I indulged in sweet things the day before. Yah, waking up bright and shiny would be far more likely if I didn’t eat that scone.


The value of discipline is also apparent when I devote some time to a writing project that lights up my soul, even if that means limiting morning cuddles to 15 minutes versus the normal hour.


I’m seeing this need to exercise discipline in order to shine everywhere lately. Here are a couple of examples:


  • I have a dear friend who is teaching a series of somatic education classes en route to fully owning her teacher’s voice. She is already super awesome in my opinion; bursting with ideas, education, poetry, skill and experience. But for her to truly shine in her authority and give due diligence to her development as a teacher, she is disciplining herself to go through a phase of experimentation and show up to teach even if it’s only to a handful of friends.

  • I have a coaching client of mine is practicing telling her truth, finding her full yes and taking action in honor of that even when it's edgy for her. The vulnerability of potentially disappointing others... The discomfort of breaking the rules of her family of origin... The uncertainty of how her out-of-the box choices will land… She is disciplining herself to loving and living this way because it ultimately makes her heart glow, her relationships more juicy and her life far more pleasurable.

  • A Beloved is currently grappling with a tenacious super ego. It tells him that he is not accomplished enough, rich enough, healthy enough and so on. But he knows his true work is seeing past those thoughts and vicious self-attacks and stay connected to his inherent lovability and Presence. He is in fact, closer to his ideal life than every before and it's taking discipline to fully receive all the love, beauty and abundance that is already here.  

What about you? How can discipline help you fully shine?


The Full Moon and Venus in Retrograde Opportunity

On this full moon in Aquarius, with Venus retrograding through Virgo and Leo between July 25th and Sept 5th it’s a great time to ask yourself these sorts of questions.


What acts of discipline and devotion do you need to practice in order for your heart to truly shine? What thoughts, behaviors or habits do you need to prune, so your being can glow brightly? What old patterns do you need to breakdown, in order to let your light break through?

Yeses that make you Glow

It strikes me that a shiny heart is fueled by saying YES to what we truly want. Not the superficial, fear driven wants and desires, but the love inspired, deep desires. I’m talking about the sort of desires that arise when we embrace our vulnerability, feel into our pleasure and make creative choices from there.

And yet every YES is made possible by saying NO to something else. And that’s where discipline needs to be exercised.


  • I’m saying yes! to vibrant energy and emotional resiliency every time I say no to putting something sugary in my mouth.

  • My teaching friend is saying yes! to the inspiration that is moving through her everytime she says no to hiding and inertia.

  • My client is saying yes! to juicy loving every time she is confronted with her vulnerability and says no to indulging in fear-based reactivity.


This act of saying yes and no in alignment to a big, love infused force lives in the pure heart of discipline. Discipline doesn’t have to be tainted with scolding stories of judgment and punishment. Discipline can be permeated with love.


At the end of your days, don’t you want to look back and see a life that glows with your love? I know I do. Care to join me? More playmates sounds awesome.


If you need a little support, here again are those questions from above:


What acts of discipline and devotion do you need to practice in order for your heart to truly shine?


What thoughts, behaviors or habits do you need to prune, so your being can glow brightly?


What old patterns do you need to break down, in order to let your light break through?

With Love,


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