Release for Love

March 21, 2015

End of an Epic Cycle


We’re at the end of a cycle. A cycle that has been stirring up stuff and quantum leaping our souls’ evolution since 2012. It’s called the Uranus-Pluto square and it’s been a doozy. Can I have a collective sigh of relief?


Super Moon and More


On Friday 3/20 we’ve got a super-moon-solar-new-moon-eclipse happening at the tail end of Pisces in the midst of the Spring Equinox.  In my evaluation, this is like underlining, highlighting, making bold italics and putting an exclamation point on the reality that one phase of life is ending and another is beginning.


How's it Going for You?


What’s ending in your life? What new beginnings are arising for you? Is this transition feeling rocky or rocking? Painful or graceful? Whatever it currently is for you, I would love to help you ride this cycle towards your delicious fulfillment.


The Fulfillment Cycle


Which bring me to the process of fulfillment.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. It seems to me that the cycle of satisfaction goes through three phases that I’m calling Reach, Receive and Release.


Reach is when we long for something and reach out to get it. Receive is when we take in and truly receive what we desire. And Release is when we let go of our attachments. In fact, most fulfilling experiences tend to have all of these happening simultaneously to some degree.


If you are struggling with this particular transition.. if you answered rocky and painful to the question above... if you would like more of a sense of fulfillment... I would suggest that you take this potent time to do some high quality Releasing.

Let me elaborate.


Revealing Release


Let’s say you have been longing for partnership. If releasing an attachment to that desire was all that easy, many would have already done it. We all know prolonged longing can be seriously painful.


I've found that it can be easier to release your attachments if you consciously and intentionally receive the essence of what you are longing for in the first place. Companionship, intimacy, support, positive attention… It’s possible to receive any one of these essential qualities wherever you go.


Companionship may come through cuddly friends. No one is stopping you from being intimate with yourself. That positive attention may be found in the eyes of a stranger. You may access a sense of support by focusing on the fact that the Earth is supporting you like a mother. Source is pretty darn available too.


Intention is key. Prime the pump with gratitude, and give space and focused attention until your body registers the essence of what you long for.


When you take in the essence of what you long for, it can be easier to let go of your attachment to form.


The Benefits of Releasing


My most fulfilling relationships manifested after I detonated all my stories of 'happily ever after'. I stopped fixating on my ideas of where love should come from and started noticing all the love around me.  It was a glorious new beginning.


My story is not unique. I hear it all the time in small and big ways with my coaching clients. Once she stopped pining for that guy, she noticed the one that was there for her all along. The second she was able to energetically accept his lack of communication, a text came in. The week she let go of the need for a definition in the relationship he started showing up more like a boyfriend.


When she was able to release attachment to a particular body type ideal, she was able to feel more attracted to his body.


Ahhhh Life. How you do love your paradoxes.


What do you need to release?


What essential quality do you need to receive more of before releasing beautifully?


What new beginnings await you?


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