Alchemizing Insecurity with Pleasure, Appreciation and Enoughness

November 3, 2014

The Insecurity of Change


Change, life-altering-no-going-back-because-that-old-part-of-you-is-no-longer change can sometimes have a way of bringing up a sense of insecurity.


New job, new rules, new baby, new love interest, new home, new role, new __________ (add your life altering reality here)… all of these changes can make the ground feel a little less secure.


Am I good enough? Can I make this happen? What's going to happen next? Will they like me? Am I good enough? Thoughts like these can make a girl go batty.


What’s a conscious evolving woman to do?


Not So Great Strategies


Eat and numb out? Shop? Seek validation in another’s arms? Certainly these are totally understandable options. Goddess knows the best of us have tried these strategies for managing insecurity more than a few times. But alas, these ways of responding to change and insecurity can have some unfortunate limitations.


Healing Opportunities Coming Up


On November 6th the Moon will be shining in her full glory in grounded, embodied Taurus, while reflecting the light of a transformative Sun in Scorpio. The day prior, on November 5th, you can get access to a lively and delicious discussion called Unwinding Codependence and Embodying Interdependence with me via the free Empowered Embodiment Revolution tele-summit that starts Nov 3rd. Healing opportunities are on the horizon.


Some Lovely Options


Seems like a great time to discuss more life enhancing options to managing insecurity than the aforementioned. Overeating, mindless shopping and seeking approval outside of ourselves to deal with insecurity is so American trite. Let’s start a revolution. Change is a happening and getting comfortable inside your own skin in the midst of big changes is a beautiful way to go.

Below is an introduction to some healing options. With practice they can alchemize much of that pesky insecurity and get you more and more comfortable inside your own skin.

  1. Focus on Pleasure.  It could be the way the sun is warming your skin.  The sound of your kitty cat purring on your lap. The sweet flavor of an apple. The touch of a loved one. The feeling of your hips swinging side to side as you luxuriously walk down the street. Mindfully savor a meal with all your sense. Whatever you focus on has a way of expanding in your awareness.  The more your animal body senses are aware of the abundance of sensations, images, sounds, tastes and movements that feel pleasurable, the more apt your consciousness will want to make a home inside your own skin. No matter what craziness is happen in your life, if you intentionally focus on the pleasures of life with a mindful and savoring attitude, you will not only be nourished, you will glow.

  2. Practice Appreciation. When’s the last time you just took some time to appreciate the fact that you are alive? Or your body’s inherent beauty? Or your natural skills? Or the money you have in your bank account? There are so many gifts in life we can take for granted. Actively valuing something in your possession can have a way of making that sweet something more substantial. Through appreciation we can alchemize the illusion of “not enough”; that annoying attitude that can make a person wanna buy senseless things. Taking note of what abundant blessings we already have can have a way of quelling unconscious urges to acquire more and more. By practicing appreciation of ourselves and what we value it’s easier to attract more abundant blessings into your life.

  3. Enjoy Your Enoughness. Lately I’ve been intentionally focusing on how my presence has a positive impact on those I get to touch. I’ve been paying attention to things they might not even notice. Like how my smile, inspires more smiles. How my tone of voice, impacts another’s breath. How insights come for others when I simple listen to them. In truth, sometimes acknowledging the gift of my presence can be a stretch. This practice goes against the grain of some stubborn neural pathways, embedded with years of conditioning. But I’m in a revolutionary mood and I want some playmates to dance with in my revolution. So I thought I would ask you to do the same. When you enter into a conversation with somebody you love, try taking in how that person’s is better off because you just showed up, whether or not they acknowledge it.  The little things you do as your normal routine can and does positively impact those around you. Take notice and acknowledge yourself. Enjoy being enough. Make it a practice. No extraordinary heroic acts of perfect mastery needed. Just your presence. You are more than enough.


PS. If you would like some inspiring support to enjoy life inside your own skin, I hope you sign up for the Empowered Embodiment Revolution telesummit.  22 women leaders share from the heart and offer you free goodies.


These Women Leaders will Reveal How to Liberate Yourself from Body Battles So You Can Follow Your Heart, Own your Power and Shine in the World.


It starts Nov 3rd and ends Nov 15th. It’s free, it’s life-enhancing and it will give you an abundance of support to embrace your embodied brilliance. Sign up today.


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