Calling Forth Revolutionary Love

January 31, 2014

Calling Forth Revolutionary Love


How do the structures of your life reflect how you value (or don’t value) yourself, your gifts and your worthiness of love? If you could shake up these old patterns like an etch a sketch what new pictures would you want to emerge?


If you brought the light of loving awareness to the dark corners of your family history, what would be revealed about the perceived value of women and the feminine?  How do these old patterns show up as barriers in your relationship to yourself, loved ones and money?


What juicy and revolutionary ways could you move beyond the familiar, reclaim your power and liberate your invaluable feminine authority?


New Moon in Aquarius


This Thurs. at 1:39 pm PST the New Moon happens in Aquarius.  Breakthroughs are asking to be seeded. Anticipate breaking new ground as your desires come into focus.  On Fri., after a 40 day retrograde in Capricorn, Venus goes direct as after a brief interlude with the depths Pluto.  Now is a good time to take a deep dive into your personal authority, reflect on how you need to step up in loving yourself and commit to creating beautiful life structures that truly honor the gift of your life.


After Some Reflection, New Visions Unfold


Since Venus went retrograde on Dec 21, we’ve been given the opportunity to reflect upon on how we value ourselves and our personal authority and notice how these patterns are mirrored in our financial reality, creative process and love life.  It’s also been a good time to notice how these self-assessments were shaped by the limitations of our families of origin and society.

Under what conditions are you prone to question your worthiness of love, belonging and abundance? What practices and communities might help you feel the truth of your lovability and feel supported deep in your bones?


Aquarian energy loves to break free of old patterns and create new ones that are more aligned with inspired visions.  With Venus soon turning direct, a fresh creative vision begins to reveal itself in your heart.  This vision naturally comes forward after deep introspection and hard won clarity is found.  


Venus, the divine mistress of love, money and the feminine soon will be ready to engage the world in a whole new way.  Soaked in the consciousness of Capricorn, your Venusian manifestation projects are supported by a commitment to focus on your heart’s desires, your capacity meet challenges as stepping stones, an appreciation for the long view and discipline (aka devotion.)


Co-Creating with Feminine Authority


The creation of your vision is also supported by getting intimate with and honoring your feminine authority. What do I mean by feminine authority?  I’m referring to the clarity that arises not out of the mind or the shoulds or the predictable.  Rather I’m pointing to the deep knowing that emerges from an integrated awareness of your body, emotions, heart and relational reality.

Feminine authority is something that both women and men can tap into.  It’s a nonlinear, right brain, body-grounded, emotionally informed knowing that can’t be forced but rather nurtured and cultivated. It requires time, energy and loving self-awareness to get intimate with your feminine authority.  


It also requires that we identify and differentiate from the patterns and beliefs that were have been imprinted upon our physical and emotional bodies.  In other words, we need to be able to feel the difference between our truth and our ancestral baggage.  


Be a Vulnerable Revolutionary


This all is supported by some Aquarian revolutionary spirit. Our traditions have been apt to push aside these forms of leadership. Reclaiming your feminine wisdom no matter what your gender can be quite vulnerable.


Staying committed a particular path because your body and heart says so is daring. I’m here to encourage you to do just that.  Be vulnerable. Be daring. Be a vulnerable revolutionary in honor of your soul’s truth. The world and your loved ones will thank you.


Brene Brown can back me up on this.  This amazing speaker, author and grounded theorist went viral with her TED talk: The Power of Vulnerability. In her in-depth research of “wholehearted living” she found that one of the primary keys to living and loving well was the courage to be vulnerable. Check her out, she’s amazing.


So on your path to create a satisfying and love filled life, as you step forward in the vision of your heart’s desire, please practice embracing your vulnerability.  Brene Brown’s extensive research and Jupiter’s current passage through Cancer indicates it’s a good thing.


A Time for Healing the Divine Union Within


Speaking of Jupiter and vulnerability, another notable piece of the current cosmic setup is Chiron’s conjunction with Juno in Pisces and their trine with Jupiter (abundant opportunity) in Cancer.  


Have you had a healing crisis (Chiron) around your dreams around partnership (Juno) lately?  This might look like grieving the loss of a partnership or your desires around relationship.  It might feel like a painful disappointment with the mythology of “happily ever after” or “The One.” Maybe you’re swimming in that exquisite vulnerability that gets stirred up when your concepts of sublime partnership get called into question. If so, know that this does not have to be the end of the story.


At some point you will have explored that emotional terrain sufficiently, released some attachments and made peace with those old unfulfilled dreams. Forgiveness and acceptance is possible here. Here you can start to embrace yours and others humanness with more and more love and compassion. At some point you will be able open back up to the Mystery. And then you can progressively close the gap between your true core needs and your present moment felt sense experience.  


Hopefully you will become inspired to cultivate a more embodied experience of divine partnership within yourself.  I recently assisted at a “Marry Yourself Workshop” where people did just that-- committed to loving themselves wholeheartedly. There is beautiful transformation to be had by committing to show up for your desires.


Certainly old wounds, feelings and beliefs antithetical to your desires, will surface for healing and integration. You can handle it. By harmonizing the relationship of the masculine and feminine within, you will call forth a new reality. Fortified by a commitment to love yourself, your outer relationships and life will mirror back to you how valuable and precious you are.


Inquiries to Move Beyond Unfulfilled Longing


If you find yourself stuck, cycling in unfulfilled longing, I would ask you, “How do you try to escape vulnerability? How can you prioritize presence, connect to your body’s truth and embrace your heart’s organic unfoldment? And to what degree are your desires designed to rescue you from the present moment, versus inspire your present moment?"


Longing without a sense of fulfillment in sight tends to persist when we attach to dreams in ways that are disconnected from our animal body’s wisdom and resist feeling feelings that are asking to be felt.  You'll notice that when the focus of your desires come closer to a present moment embodied experience, more often than not, old discordant polarities and vulnerabilities rise to the surface.  


“Yay! It feels like my dreams are coming true! Yikes! All this goodness can be taken away! When is the other shoe going to drop?” Brene Brown would call this line of thought foreboding joy. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks would cite this phenomenon as an "Upper Limit Problem." I’m fond of my term “The Pleasure Threshold."


“The Pleasure Threshold” is that point when your capacity to be present with some form of goodness begins to wane. This may look like worrying about the future after an amazing date or getting self-conscious during lovemaking. It may look like a self-sabotaging spending spree after receiving a financial boon.


This phenomenon of losing presence in the midst of something special happening can occur in all areas of your life; visionary manifestation projects included.


Breaking through “The Pleasure Threshold”


What are the best ways to break through "The Pleasure Thresholds" that keep our inspired visions from being realized? I suggest noticing the way the fears and vulnerabilities move through your body while also staying grounded in an awareness of what feels good and empowering.


Call it healing alchemy, shake up the tendency to fixate, get comfortable with the uncomfortable, focus on the here and now, reality check often and get creative with where you invest your energy. Practice gratitude.  Stay open to receive the essence of your heart’s desires. Practice feeling the sensations and emotions of fulfillment independent of outer circumstances. Breath and move.  And, of course love, yourself through it.


Magic guaranteed. My feminine authority says so. And standing my ground on this is my revolutionary act of love.


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