Live a Life of Purpose and Be Vulnerable

December 1, 2013


What’s your vulnerable growing edge of late?  

 How are you moving towards the fulfillment of your dreams and life purpose?  

Vulnerable New Moon Purpose


Closing the gap between your felt sense experience of life and the dreams you hold most dear requires the willingness to increase your capacity to be vulnerable. This is always true as far as I can tell.  And with the Dec 2nd Sagittarius New Moon set up, this is particularly true.

The Sagittarian slice of heaven brings to light our sense of purpose and meaning in the larger scheme of things.  With this new moon we get an opportunity to connect with ‘why we are here.’   

What’s Your Life Purpose?


Imagine yourself on your death bed looking back over the whole of your life. From that perspective, ask yourself the question, “Did I do what I wanted to do with this precious life?” What does a meaningful life look like for you?


 If living one’s life’s purpose was a easy as dreaming, then I imagine there would no discontent in the world.  But the truth is that realizing our higher aspirations is sometimes an exquisitely vulnerable process. There is a time for everything and with Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) in Cancer, now is the time increase your capacity to be vulnerable.  

Increasing your Capacity to be Vulnerable will Serve your Life Purpose


The archetype of Cancer is about emotional security, family of origin connections and your inner child. To step out into the world with confidence and clarity of purpose requires that we can self-soothe during times of stress, tend to our vulnerable emotions with presence,  breath into the tender edges with love and release the familiar habits that have historically kept protected us but now hold us back from blossoming.


 Have you ever gotten a few steps closer to that dream ___________ (fill in the blank [eg job, partner]) only to get weird and unstable?  Maybe self-sabotaging behaviors, annoying insecurities and anxious thinking rise up to the surface.  I know that’s what happens for me.  I find it’s what I do with those challenging contraction patterns that determines my ultimate sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.


 Expansive movements are followed by contractions. Flowers open and close. That’s the way of Nature. When we judge the contractions as wrong and hold back the impulse to expand from a fear of vulnerability, we abandon our experience and invite suffering.  


 I find I stay more on purpose when I can hold the contractions as a part of a birthing process.

 Focusing on your capacity to be present with your vulnerability will serve you in the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. Of course, it’s easier said than done. It’s a practice and it’s served by a commitment to love yourself.  And I’m here to encourage you to do just that.


 In a perfect world parents show up with presence to lovingly soothe and protect their young ones during scary moments.  This experience creates nervous system pathways that helps a child self-soothe as they grows older and more independent. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for all of us.  

The Opportunity to Re-parent Ourselves


Fortunately, we get opportunities to reparent ourselves.


 As adults when we shoot for the stars young vulnerable parts of ourselves that weren’t well loved in our childhood will naturally come up to the surface to be seen, loved up and witnessed. “An unlovable being such as myself can’t possibly deserve all that goodness” -- so the unconscious believes.


 For me, all those parts of me that question if I’m deserving, worthy and lovable enough to receive such blessed treasures comes to surface as I move towards the life I deeply desire. This is the case with all my coaching clients. I find life is better when we can treat this phenomenon as an opportunity to re-parent ourselves and love up those parts that didn’t get what they needed in childhood.  


 For me, it helps to have good people in my life that can hold these parts of me when I can’t.  They teach me how to love myself in ways that my parents didn’t know how to at the time. This is what I get to do for my coaching clients.


 Now is the time to give ourselves the care, acceptance and attention we didn’t get then. Now is the time to be with our little ones with love.


 In this way we re-create a more secure foundation from which one's sense of accomplishment and worldly creations can rest upon.


 I hope you join me in the practice of loving the vulnerable tender parts within as we reach for the stars and give our lives more meaning and purpose.


With Love,




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