Loving Up our Shadows

November 4, 2013

Loving up Our Shadows
  • How is your life force invested in avoiding, controlling and resisting the “unacceptable”?

  • Do you have relationships containers that provide safe space and support to help you face your scary stuff?  

  • How would a commitment to step beyond the limits of your known world serve your liberation?

New Moon in Scorpio


This New Moon in Scorpio on Nov 3 at 4:50 am PST is not a light one and airy one.  Mercury is still in retrograde in Scorpio, the planets of big change and transformation (Uranus and Pluto) are squaring off and an eclipse is taking it to a whole new level.

An Opportunity to Heal


It may feel quite intense and you may want to resist the dark corners with rigid control and/or disconnected distraction. But guess what?  There is a profound healing opportunity here and it has the taste of freedom all over it.  


What we have is an opportune moment to lean into the what we resist and bring the light of love to the scary unpredictable places.  While this practice may make you vulnerable to a little death, the rewards are the liberation of your power and the discovery of buried treasure.

Susan’s Story of Liberation


Recently I was blessed to witness the gorgeous metamorphosis of a 40 something year old woman landing in her body with love and delight for the first time in her life.


How did she get there? How did she find herself radiating sunlight from her heart, grounded in her lusciousness?


She willingly embraced what she had spent a lifetime resisting.  


For the majority of Susan’s life, the notion of being “flawed” was mortifying. If a blemish erupted or a stain was found on her clothes, her energy would mobilize to contain the situation and eradicate the "flaw".  


Although Susan’s presentation was certainly flawless, it came at a cost.  Since so much of her life force was occupied with resisting “flaws” her ability to enjoy the moment, her body and her inherent goodness felt limited. The conditions she placed on herself kept her a prisoner of her unattainable expectations.


Susan didn’t realize how much resisting being “flawed” was costing her until she made the commitment dive into experience of being “flawed” with wonder and curiosity.  With courage, a devotion to present moment awareness and an ally there to hold her with care, she faced her demon and it dissolved.


It wasn’t until she surrendered to being “flawed” did she recognize that she had been robbing herself of the option of simply being.  With the containment of the unacceptable no longer on her agenda, Susan was free to be her whole Self-- flaws and all.  


She liberated her juiciness with the willingness and commitment to be with that which she had always avoided.  The newly transformed Susan had a sparkle in her eyes, delight in her voice and a newfound sense of creative passion.  She was aware of her body in a whole new way and it was delicious.


I’m hope that Susan’s story has some medicine for you. And that you desire for your juicy liberation found some inspiration in Susan’s story.

Your Story of Liberation
  • What are you resisting? Failure, rejection, anger, stagnation..?

  • What would your life be like if you weren’t invested in avoiding the unacceptable?

  • How can you bring the light of curiosity and present moment awareness to that which you avoid?

  • How can you enlist friends and allies to help you love up your shadows?

Seed an Intention


This new moon like all new moons is a good time to seed an intention.  Any intention that comes from a place of commitment to your freedom through the loving embrace of your shadows is bound to produce yummy nourishing fruit.

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