From Perfectionism to the Realization of Perfection

September 5, 2013


On Sept 5th life on planet earth gives us a Virgo new moon. All new moons are wonderful opportunities to consciously join with cycles of life and seed an intention to cultivate over the course of a lunar cycle. I hope you take this opportunity to grow something beautiful in your life.


The following Virgo inspired inquiries can help you tune into a seed to plant:

  • How can you put your creative energies in service in ways that are aligned with love?

  • What might you do to purify your body and mind so that you can enjoy greater degrees of clarity, energy and focus?

  • How might you attend to your well being with greater love and devotion?

When it comes meeting the challenges of life beautifully, it helps to transform the lower octave traits of an archetype into its more skillful manifestations.


Virgo at its integral core knows how to evaluate, assess for functionality and organize matters. When these skills are infused with fear what we may get is criticism and perfectionism. In contrast, when we come from love with these attributes we are able to effectively create offerings for ourselves and others in the service of health and well-being.


When we can transform the Virgonian habits of criticism and perfectionism into the capacity to realize perfection we are able to meet our new moon goals with more grace.


To truly be of service in the world, to attend to your well-being beautifully and to offer a clear version of yourself in your relationships it's invaluable to bring more loving awareness to all the ways we can judge ourselves and life for being less than.


The following questions can help illuminate how the lower octave patterns of the Virgo archetype operate in your life.

  • In what ways do you judge your efforts and hear the sentiment "not good enough"?

  • What happens when you criticize your body for not meeting your standards?

  • How have you distanced yourself from connection and intimacy by focusing on the gap between your standards and what is available in the present moment?

Making the perceptual shift from perfectionism and criticism to the realization of perfection is a matter of practice. It’s simply a matter of intentionally practicing seeing yourself and the world through a more loving lens.


Awakening to the perfection that already is rarely leads to long term complacency.  What it can do is help us appreciate what is already whole and functional about ourselves, others and life so we co-create more effectively and joyfully with the practicalities of that reality.


Let’s practice this perceptual shift practice with your hand.


 When you take a look at your hand you always have the option to look at it with judging eyes.  You can see signs of age in the lines and texture of your skin.  You can note the condition of your finger nails and cuticles and think about how it doesn’t meet your standards. You might see the shape of your hand and wish it were more elegant or strong or some other quality.


 Now lets try another way of looking at your hand. I invite you to tune into your heart and look at your hand with appreciative eyes.


 This time think of all the experiences you have enjoyed in life because of your hand. What would life be like without your hand? Note a myriad of blessings that have been given to you by your hand.  Recall loved ones you have touched and held with your hands. How has your livelihood been made possible because of your hands?


 Try sending gratitude and love to your hands for all that they have given you over the years.


Now notice how different your hand is from other parts of your body. Your hand is nothing like your head or your elbow. You wouldn’t think to judge your hand for not being a knee. Your hand’s unique form determines its amazing functionality.  


Similarly, all of life’s things, people and circumstances have unique forms that are like nothing else. Their particular form makes possible some inherently unique and valuable function. Opening your eyes to that unique function and what is made available by that function supports the realization of perfection.

 When you can come from love, openness, curiosity and an awareness of what you want to create in your life, you are in a better position to make use of whatever forms (e.g. stuff, people, circumstances) come your way (even if you don’t like them at first glance.)


 This attitude of gratitude and appreciation of the functional value of different forms can be applied to all aspects of our lives as we move towards meeting our new moon intentions.


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