Flavors of Wanting

July 29, 2013


When it comes to finding that Grace-filled sense of right alignment, it seems that getting really conscious of the various flavors of 'Wanting' is essential.


How can we feel met in our desires if we don't what they are? I know for myself I get into shaky ground when I don't know what I truly want. 


Learning to listen deeply for the Authentic Wants, stripped as cleanly as possible from the clutter of 'things I should want' or 'what the other wants' or 'wants born from fear' and 'wants of an egoic nature'... Getting familiar with the 'wants' that have embedded within them inherent dissatisfaction has felt invaluable. When I can smell these wanting creatures creeping around in my consciousness I get that its best not to feed them. Crafting them into agendas and throwing them on others has rarely yielded yumminess. Naming them helps, getting curious about the Authentic Desires and Healthy Wants underneath them is invaluable. 


When I can really honor and know my deeper wants born from a trust in the abundance of the universe and deeply connected to my inherent value. When I can tap into these wants with more clarity and bring them alive into my relationship with myself, my Beloved, and the Universe at large... This deliverance of wanting and desire has help shape my World and my Loving into gorgeous and satisfying acts of creation.


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