The Fully Embodied Woman

July 18, 2013


There is a sense of a woman in my awareness. This woman is drawing my attention in the potency she posses, the strength and resiliency she displays, the power of presence that she creates. She is an imaginal woman, a woman that exists vividly in my imagination and yet can be found in the shapes, gestures and movements of a multitude of woman on this earthly plane.  Right now, tuning into the textures of her being is medicine to my soul.  My felt sense connection to her is naturally filling my heart and cells with a wholeness and an aliveness that swims in the sweet pleasures of this moment. I want to share her with you as I hope that she will inspire you too.


Behold, the fully embodied woman:
She is Alive in her Senses:


She can be with the pleasures and pains of life through the portal of her senses.  She can receive the earthly pleasures of life through the sight, sound, taste, feel and smell of her environment.  She knows how to imbibe the color of a child’s cheek, the texture of her favorite blanket, the smell of her lover. She feels richness of life intimately, receiving the details of life’s wonder through her body vibrant with sensory awareness.  


She is in Tune with the Rhythms of Life:

She knows how to move ahead and lay back.  She can let connections flourish and let them go. She follows the natural ebb and flow of life with grace and presence.  She knows how to yield and push, receive and give, inhale and exhale, gather and disperse, shine and reflect. She moves with life’s organic rhythms.


She is in Touch with her Natural Instincts:

She senses and expresses her instinctive impulses. Protecting, nurturing, nesting, and creating behaviors are natural to her. She is practiced in protecting the vulnerable within and without with fierce clarity. She feels free to get out of damaging situations.  She holds close to her heart those she wants to nurture and support.  Her sexuality and passion bring her deep into the moment. She regularly honors and expresses the wisdom of her instincts.


She is Conscious of her Body:

She is aware of where she stands and where her body is in the moment.  She can feel her feet on the ground, her spine’s strength, the boundaries of her own skin.  She can respond to life’s experience with the subtle and not so subtle sensations of her body telling her intimate details about what is true for her. She listens attentively to what her body has to say. Her intimately relationship with her body impresses upon the environment and sense of her groundedness, her presence and the substance of her being.


She Moves in a Field of Trust:

She knows how to defend herself, attend to her needs and receive the abundance of life.  She engages with life knowing that support is available.  She skillfully engages with those around her and the moment as it presents itself, conscious of of outdated fears and constrictions, capable of moving through and with them with grace.  She notices when fear based conditioning pulls at her life force and hinders her natural and authentic expression. She transforms them and liberates the energy within them in her willingness to be hold them with care and deep listening.


She Feels Connected:

She feels connected to herself, her tribe, her purpose, her emotions, her environment.  There exists a congruence between her thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.  She is aware of and seeks to connect to the natural intelligence of life as it reveals itself moment to moment.


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