Do you find yourself struggling in your sex and/or love life and feel ready to do the inner work it takes to create the experience of intimacy that your heart, soul and body deeply longs for?

Maybe you feel stuck in some painful patterns and want some help to heal some old wounds and learn how to cultivate more harmonious and hot intimate relationships.

If any of the above applies to you, I hope you consider enlisting my support.


Schedule a Complimentary, No Obligation Love & Life Clarity Session

If you're curious to know how I can serve you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary, confidential, no obligation Love & Life Clarity Session. It's an opportunity for you to get clear on what you need and for both of us to get a good sense if I can serve you well.


In this phone (or Skype) session you will:

  • Find a safe space to find your deepest truth

  • Get more clarity on how to move forward in your life

  • Be held with compassion and understanding

  • Be encouraged to connect with yourself lovingly

  • Have an opportunity to ask questions about how I work

  • Get a sense if we are a good fit

Here's one woman's experience:

"Just the right medicine at the perfect time, my session with Lorina was a deep breath of clarity. With focused intention, I was able to traverse murky terrain with ease, knowing that my guide was holding loving space for me to open to the mystery and boldly embody my truth with gentleness and grace." ~A. M.


Schedule a 30 min complimentary session with me by clicking here.

Complimentary Clarity Session

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