The Evolution of my Love


My hope and desire is that as you seek support and guidance on your journey is that you find someone that knows intimately what it takes to heal old wounds and create fulfilling, juicy relationships. Perhaps I could be that person for you.


Personally, my relationship journey has yielded my life's most challenging, transformative and fulfilling experiences to date. Eight years ago I hit rock bottom with my co-dependent tendencies. It was ugly. The fights, self-abandonment, pain and tears pushed me to learn how to heal old wounds and discover new ways of being in relationship with myself, intimates and Life itself.  


So I did just that-- repeatedly and deeply.


With lots of support I explored and practiced a myriad of healing arts-- consistantly integrating new and more satisfying ways of being, loving and owning my juicy wholeness. I'm happy report that my investment of time, energy, money, sweat and devotion has paid off. Today I feel incredibly blessed as I get to enjoy a life that is filled with an abundance of love, intimate connections, yumminess and creative expression.

My Life's Work

It is my life's work is to share the gifts that I have gathered to help men, women and couples heal old wounds and learn skills essential to creating more fulfilling, juicy and grounded relationships. I want more people to experience drama-free and abundant love lives. I want more people to experience the profound embrace of their erotic aliveness. My services and classes are all aligned with that deep soul desire.



My Education and Experience


I enrolled in my first training program as a peer counselor when I was 14 years old. I’ve been a nonstop student of the transformational healing arts since my years as an undergrad in biology at UCSC. And I have professionally helped people feel comfortable in their own skins since 1998.


The pool of wisdom I draw from is extensive. Mindfulness and the body’s intelligence are found at the root of the methods I’ve found most effective.

I’ve studied:


  • Somatica Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching (Level 1 Core Program)

  • Somatica Advanced and Couples trainings

  • Relationship Coaching with Gay and Kathleen Hendricks

  • Somatic Sexual Presencing with Shakti Malan

  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution with Steve Hoskinson

  • CoActive Coaching with CTI

  • Wellness Coaching with WellCoaches

  • Developmental Trauma Resolution (NARM) with Larry Heller, PhD

  • Attachment Trauma Resolution with Diane Poole Heller, PhD

  • Hakomi Experiential Relationship Counseling with the Hakomi Institute of CA

  • Couples Counseling 101 with Interchange

  • Holistic Counseling and Health Education at JFK University

Want to Get Close and Personal?


Schedule a complimentary discovery session and get a solid sense if my presence and skills would be a good fit for your needs at this time.

If you are curious about how I can support you in the evolution of your love life, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a 30 min complimentary phone or Skype session to see if we are a match for your needs.

I can be reached at (415) 295-6037 and

My Story

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