My name is Lorina Nympha Manzanita. Of my 3 names, one of them I chose as an adult. The rest you will find on my birth certificate.


I am a somatic sex, intimacy and relationship coach, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, writer and educator who has been professionally practicing as a healing artist in some capacity since 1998. 


I’m happy to eventually tell you about all my certifications and degrees, but first I want to talk about my names. My names will tell you something about my soul and thus will give you a sense of what it’s like to work with me.


Let’s begin with my chosen name- Manzanita.


Manzanita is a plant that I meditated on for 3 days near Mt. Shasta during a vision quest. This being expresses its nature with undulating curvy branches that are much stronger than they appear. They constantly shed old layers to reveal silky, smooth skin-- rich with vibrant colors and beauty. Manzanita seeds germinate with fire. If you look up the Flower Essence Society’s take on them, Manzanita’s medicine helps people dissolve the illusion between spirit and body, thus helping us experience our bodies as brilliant temples.


As a somatically oriented (aka mindbody) practitioner one of the primary ways I support integration is by helping those in my care sink into an embodied feeling of secure attachment with Source (aka the Divine or whatever name does you right). Everything works better when that happens. Relationships are more intimate, interdependent and integrous. 


My approach, like a manzanita branch, at first glance appears delicate. Yet, it is also deceptively powerful and resilient. Its unfoldings undulate; integrating polarities like masculine and feminine, receptive and expressive, nurturing and challenging, pain and pleasure. Seeds of new growth are also sparked with the fires of desire.


So that’s why I chose Manzanita or one could say Manzanita chose me.


Now Nympha. If you are wondering, it’s legitimately my middle name. You will find it on my birth certificate. I like to imagine I whispered it into my mother’s ear.


Given our cultural context such a name often leads people to certain unsavory associations. The actual definitions of Nympha are quite layered and metaphorically meaningful.


Nympha means: 


  1. Semi-divine Nature creature

  2. Insect in an incomplete metamorphosis

  3. Labia minora; the inner lips of a woman’s vulva


Fascinatingly enough I feel a soul resonance with all of these definitions. Collectively they speak to the quality of my work. 


These definitions echo how I love to integrate the Divine and Earthly dimensions of our existence and support the repeated shedding of old, outdated forms. My work invites a process of transformation that touches our most vulnerable, intimate parts of Self; revealing portals to well springs of delight and creativity.


Sex is repeatedly subject to inaccurate, damaging and shameful associations in our not so healthy mainstream culture. Not unlike my middle name. However, if we take the time to look deeper into the nature of Eros what we will find are spirit infused, ever evolving and pleasurable pathways of transformation and integration. 


My soul resonates with these 3 definitions and thus despite some concerns around how people will react, I feel called to own it and simultaneously invite people into a deeper, multilayered and rewarding experience of sexuality, pleasure and embodied intimacy.


Now that my names and a myriad of metaphorical associations have been conjured for your right brain’s fancy, let me feed your left brain with the following details:


I’ve studied:


  • Somatica Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching (Level 1 Core Program)

  • Somatica Advanced and Couples trainings

  • Relationship Coaching with Gay and Kathleen Hendricks

  • Somatic Sexual Presencing with Shakti Malan

  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution with Steve Hoskinson

  • CoActive Coaching with CTI

  • Wellness Coaching with WellCoaches

  • Developmental Trauma Resolution (NARM) with Larry Heller, PhD

  • Attachment Trauma Resolution with Diane Poole Heller, PhD

  • Hakomi Experiential Relationship Counseling with the Hakomi Institute of CA

  • Couples Counseling 101 with Interchange

  • Holistic Counseling and Health Education at JFK University


I have facilitated workshops at Touch&Play, SoulPlay, HoneyRoot and Burning Man in addition to offering a number of my own workshop and online programs independently. Many of my offerings weave in the themes of Eros, desire, boundaries, sexual trauma, intimacy, integrity and interdependence.


I was a bodyworker and was employed as such by Google for over 12 years. I have always been an education junky and took my first training as a peer counselor when I was 15 years old. 


Throughout my entire life I have danced and truly came alive in my community and practice when I discovered 5Rhythms and the world of conscious dance. In addition to dance some of my self-care practices include Continuum, hot spring soaking, decolonization/indigenization, journaling, ancestral medicine work, flower essences and Nature bathing.


I am a Filipinx American; born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where I currently reside in Marin county (Coast Miwok territory).


I am in deep love with my work and am delighted to serve those who are well suited to work with the gifts I have been blessed to offer.

Want to explore working with me?


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If you are curious about how I can support you in the evolution of your intimate life, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a 30 min complimentary phone or Skype session to see if we are a match for your needs.

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