Somatic Sex & Relationship Coaching For Men

Women are Tricky Sometimes


I know. Women can be complicated creatures and relating is not always easy. What can be even more challenging is knowing how to stay in integrity with yourself and confident in your own skin as you get more deeply involved. I have a lot of compassion for men as they try and navigate the uncertain and vulnerable terrain of being intimate with women. 


Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out alone.


Get Support


I, Lorina, offer real time feedback, clear and compassionate guidance and embodied healing experiences to help my clients develop the intimacy skills needed to meet their desires around sex and relationships.


Learn how to cultivate satisfying, intimate connections with women from a woman. At the same time get the support you need to develop a deep and loving relationship with yourself. 

As a Somatica© trained Sex and Relationship Coach I provide hands on, clothes on healing and educational experiences.  Sometimes that involves clothed, erotic touch. Sometimes it involves cuddling your inner child. In all cases, it includes me offering a loving, embodied presence, attuned to your needs and goals.

In our work together, you can learn how to:

  • Inhabit your most confident and attractive self

  • Connect with women without abandoning yourself

  • Overcome shame and inhibition

  • Heal old wounds around your sexuality and relationships

  • Attract and cultivate relationships that profoundly meet your core desires

  • Creatively turn on a women on with a wider range of tools and tricks

  • Gracefully navigate a woman’s shifting boundaries

  • Engage with women from a place of relaxation and playfulness

  • Resolve sexual challenges such as erectile dysfunction and pre-ejaculation

  • Release unfulfilling compulsive behaviors like porn addiction

  • Transform conflictual relationships and create pleasurable and satisfying connections



Lorina brings a loving, caring, accepting presence to her work. I feel welcome, seen and supported when I'm with her. I can bring my wounds and confusions around my relationships with women and my sexuality to Lorina and I know she will hold them sacredly, with wisdom and supportive humor. She has a keen intuition and does a wonderful job of tracking me, meeting me where I am at and guiding me. Lorina has a wonderful combination of soft sensuality and authoritative confidence. I embrace more of who I am working with Lorina.


- Joseph E.

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Available for in-person sessions in Marin, CA.

Also available by phone and Skype.


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*Dear LGBTQ community, You are loved. Please know that given that the nature of this work involves cultivating an erotic charge, I do my best work with people who are attracted to women and want support around their relationship to women. Most of my practice is with heterosexual cis-men and bisexual cis-men and cis-women. If you are interested in this work and have a sexual orientation and/or gender identity that is beyond my range of expertise I would be happy to refer you to somebody who can support you beautifully.*

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