Are you at a big crossroads in your love life?

Are you facing some big changes and need to make some challenging relationship decisions?


Could you use some help successfully moving through 

any of the following crossroads?:

  • navigating a (potential) break up 

  • re-negotiating the structure and/or agreements of an

    existing relationship
  • recovering from a break-up and healing old wounds

  • starting to date and exploring new connections

  • taking a risk and going deeper with someone

  • dismantling old, unfulfilling patterns around relationships, sex and intimacy

  • exploring new, unconventional ways of relating like non-monogamy



I offer a Crossroads Relationship Coaching package that can help you:


  • Find your clarity around big relationship decisions

  • Transform old wounds that keep you stuck in unfulfilling patterns

  • Drop into a felt sense of your inherent worthiness of love

  • Move forward with grounded presence, clear confidence and an open heart

  • Learn tools and skills fundamental to cultivating empowered interdependent loving relationships


Here is One Client's Experience of Finding Clarity...

What drew me to Lorina as a coach was her professed passion for helping women get what they really want, and she walks the talk. She naturally creates a safe and courageous space for her clients to more fully know themselves and take risks big and small. I had some tough decisions to make and the way seemed so unclear. Our work together helped me connect to what I really want, unlocked the answers within, and led me to make confident, resonant choices. I am so much happier, more balanced, and sure of who I am and where I stand. -- Krista Z.


The Crossroads Coaching package consists of:


The Your Compelling Bubble of Love Self-Study Program for Women ($187 value)

Learn six-self love skills to create abundant love from the inside out. This online class offers 8 modules composed of videos, self-assessments, workbooks, guided meditations, exercises and workbooks. Learn more about the program here:

"The skills in this course are SOOOO good, so essential, so practical and so profound all at the same time! Lorina's flavor of love, spaciousness, ease, permission and fluidity made it all feel really welcoming and easeful.... This course was profound and helpful and supportive and I will be forever grateful."

-- Amanda Stanson, MA PhD

Seven 1 hour Phone or Skype Coaching Sessions (to be used within 3 months) ($840 value)

With a series of sessions you will be able to not only get some clarity on how to move beyond your current crossroad, but you will also receive support to heal some of the old wounds that got you stuck in the first place. 


In this committed coaching container deeper layers of healing can happen that will benefit you beyond the your current conundrum. Not only your head will know what to do next, but your heart, body and soul will start working together in harmony. These sessions can help you lay down the foundation for a more love rich, drama free future.


2 Bottles of Customized Flower Essence Formulas ($40 value)

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that can profoundly shift your mindset, emotional patterns and behaviors for the better. They have transformed my world and as such I have a flower essence pharmacy of about 500 remedies. They offer daily infusions of support to help unwind soul level blocks to intimacy. In essence, they help people blossom. Specific issues like co-dependence, insecurity, boundary setting, money challenges and more can be addressed with flower essences. They work synergistically with coaching.


The total cost for this package is $770 (Save $297. Payments can be broken up.)

Interested?  Not sure if this right for you? 

If you are curious about how I can support you in the evolution of your love life, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a 30 min complimentary phone or Skype session to see if we are a good fit for your needs.


I can be reached at 415.295.6037 or

Crossroads Coaching Package for Women

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