Love & Intimacy Coaching For Women

Perhaps you know something isn’t working in your love life, but maybe you are at a loss as to what you need to experience the love, intimacy and relationships your body, heart and soul truly longing for.


If you are a woman who is struggling in your love life and is curious about what internal and external shifts you can make to call in a deeply satisfying life abundant with love, intimacy and pleasure… I hope you consider me your ally.


I help evolving women take their intimate relationships (with themselves and others) to the next level of pleasure and fulfillment.

My soul and toolkit is particularly well-suited to help women in some degree of relationship transition:


  • Single and preparing to do intimate relationships in an entirely new, more fulfilling way

  • Dating and navigating new connections

  • Going through a breakup or possible breakup

  • Transitioning the agreements of an existing relationship (eg. opening up to non-monogamy, reworking ways of being in relationship)


As a love and intimacy coach I help women:


  • Ground in self-love as they navigate new territory

  • Prioritize themselves and their needs and desires in intimate relationships

  • Heal old wounds that keep love and intimacy away and drama ongoing

  • Get clear on what they need and want

  • Develop new skills and tools to co-create more soul satisfying intimate relationships

  • Call in more pleasure, joy and creativity into their love lives

  • Develop their erotic self-awareness and take ownership of their own pleasure


My work with women is available globally via phone and Skype. Discounted packages are available (see below).

If you are curious about how I can support you in the evolution of your love life, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a 30 min complimentary phone or Skype session to see if we are a good fit for your needs.


I can be reached at 415.295.6037 or


Crossroads Coaching Package for Women

I’ve developed the Crossroads Coaching Package (save $217) for women who are at a crossroad in their love lives and are ready to take their experience of love and intimacy to the next level.  In addition to 6 phone/Skye coaching sessions it includes full and instant access to a self-love skills eCourse for women I’ve created called: Your Compelling Bubble of Love: Learn Six Self-Love Skills to Create Abundant Love from the Inside Out.


Here’s one woman’s experience of me and the YCBL self-love skills eCourse.


“Lorina's authentic, grounded, compassionate, and heart-oriented guidance created an immaculately safe container for full exploration and support. I felt so held, seen, supported in this deep journey! Lorina's tremendous gift and wisdom in the landscape of the heart is beyond anything I have ever experienced! I constantly find myself utilizing the concepts and practices in my daily life, and plan to refer to the course content for years to come!


Since completing the YCBL, my life is filled with more love, ease, harmony, clarity, freedom, and connection. I highly recommend the YCBL course for all women, whether one is seasoned in the journey of self love, or just making the first steps in the path. Lorina has offered such a gorgeous & important gift to the world, and I am beyond words grateful! "

-- Mackenzie Eason, Doula & Massage Therapist

pps. This class is also available in a group format. The next one begins Jan 18th, 2017. Click here for more details.

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