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Boundaries & Unfolding Desires:

The Touch Skills Edition

May 19th 2 -5:30 pm ET

The Chanda Lair

16 Arion Place

Brooklyn, NY 


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Would you like to learn how to share and receive touch in a way that honors and boundaries and desires (yours and others)?


Are you ready to learn somatic (aka mindbody) skills that will help you navigate non-verbal intimate spaces with minimal regrets and maximum gratitude?


Would you like to feel more connected, aligned and grounded as you share and receive intimate touch?


Co-creating consensual, intimate and/or sexy spaces requires intention, awareness and skill. These skills are invaluable whether we are talking about touch on the dance floor, non-sexual cuddles or hot and heavy sexy time. Consent conversations are vital AND bringing attention to subtle energetics, body-language and deeper unspoken truths also helps people navigate the spaces in between the words with greater confidence, trust and ease.


This afternoon workshop will help you elevate your skills to cultivate intimate connections that hum with juicy integrity and soul satisfying yum.


Join Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP for an three and a half hour afternoon workshop. During this time you’ll be invited to explore principles and practices that can help you discover a more fulfilling and intimate relationship with boundaries and desires - yours and others.


This is the 2nd time “Boundaries & Unfolding Desires” will be coming to Brooklyn but this is the first time we will be leaning more firmly into an exploration of touch skills. For those of you that attended the Nov 2018 workshop you can anticipate a similar experiential and fun learning environment that encourages mindfulness, wonder and embodied explorations.


In the ‘Touch Skills Edition’ of Boundaries and Unfolding Desires we will be exploring how we can give and receive touch in a way that leaves everybody feeling good. The exercises will range from subtle and energetic to more primal and physical. Nobody will be asked to go beyond what level of intensity and contact they can authentically enjoy and be present to. You are welcome to come with a partner and do all or most of the dyad exercises together and/or explore connecting with others. Individual participants are most welcome to join and connect with new people in safe, connected and consensual ways.


I’ll provide clear guidance, embodied exercises, real-time skill building, and opportunities to reflect.


Benefits of this workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Tips to get into that sweet zone of owning your desires without attachment

  • Support to share (and know) your boundaries and desires with greater trust and clarity

  • Somatic skills to cultivate greater degrees of attuned intimacy with yourself and others

  • Support to increase your capacity to identify, articulate and show up for your authentic boundaries and alive desires in regards to touch and more

  • Awareness of how to nonverbally tune into the YESes, NOes and moments to pause.

  • Insight into the neuroscience of trauma and how that informs our experience of desires and boundaries

  • An opportunity to connect with a group of awesome people who care about boundaries and unfolding desires



Date: Sun May 19th, 2019

Time: 2 pm - 5:30 pm


~ Early Bird $70 until 5/12

~ Regular: $90

~ Friends/Couples Discount: $15 off each person ($30 savings total) if you bring a friend. (Please contact me, Lorina at Lorina@embodiedbrilliance.com to get your discount after your purchase.)


You can register via Eventbrite here.


What people are saying about Lorina…


"In addition to a Lorina's informed, skillful and balanced approach, she brings a profoundly enjoyable, luscious, delightful presence. YUM for my heart and my mind!" ~ Michael Hurd


"Lorina guides with an integrity of absolutely embodied wisdom and radiant heart... In addition to being a solid, grounded, wise, and sultry being, Lorina is a master space holder." ~ Lisa Grace


"It was a wonderful workshop packed with relevant information but amazingly paced and skillfully

delivered with surgical precision to meet each participant's need when and where attention was required. The incorporation of laughter and targeted misdirection(?) mixed with beautiful words and concepts was nearly mind blowing. Thankfully, I learned much and feel it is well contained." ~ Rich


"Lorina brings a loving, caring, accepting presence to her work. I feel welcome, seen and supported when I'm with her. I can bring my wounds and confusions around my relationships with women and my sexuality to Lorina and I know she will hold them sacredly, with wisdom and supportive humor. She has a keen intuition and does a wonderful job of tracking me, meeting me where I am at and guiding me. Lorina has a wonderful combination of soft sensuality and authoritative confidence. I embrace more of who I am working with Lorina." ~ Joseph E.

Sex, Intimacy, Trauma & Skillful Loving

A daylong workshop

Oakland, CA March 30th


Register here.

Trauma doesn’t need to hold us back from what we truly want. Healing is available. There are pathways, practices and principles that you can learn to help you and others cultivate more pleasure, intimacy and connection in your sex and love lives. How do we as lovers, healers and seekers integrate the reality of trauma in a way that beautifully transforms our sexual and intimate relationships? What tools and skills will help us invite more of what we all want: pleasure, love, intimacy, connection, and trust.


Whether you are:

  • A professional working in the realm of relationships, sex, and intimacy

  • A trauma survivor who wants to thrive or someone who loves one

  • A sexual being who wants to learn more about trauma

  • Or all of the above.


Response-able workshop leaders, NeoTantra teachers, sex and intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers, Somatica Practitioners, sex educators and more can acquire some basic trauma training to support clients and students to know how to support someone in a trauma response and when additional resources from a trauma expert are required.


What you will learn:

  • Practices to increase one’s capacity for greater pleasure, presence and embodied intimacy

  • An introduction to trauma and how it can show up in our intimate and sexual relationships

  • A basic understanding of what is needed to resolve and heal trauma

  • Do’s and don’ts to avoid re-traumatization and unnecessary triggering

  • A neuroscience-based understanding of traumatic memories

  • Tools to navigate trauma with more skill should it show up in the bedroom, yourself and/or with your clients or students

  • Exercises to support healthier boundaries, more empowerment and more integration

  • Tools and principles to help you attune to the needs and challenges of trauma survivors more effectively

  • Opportunities to practice these tools and embody them from the inside out

WHEN: Saturday, March 30th

TIME: 10.00am - 5.00pm



$98 per person (Early Bird Super Saver)

$125 per person (Juicy Being)

$130 per person (Lucky Last Minute)

$140 per person at the door if tickets still available


Cancellation policy:


Refunds are given with more than 48 hours notice.  No refunds less than 48 hours before the start time of the event.  All refunds are subject to a $20 admin fee.

Your Compelling Bubble of Love A 7 week Self-Study eCourse
Learn 6 Self-Love Skills to Create Abundant Love from the Inside Out 
To learn more go to www.NextLevelLoving.com
"I would highly recommend this class to any person who could use more abundant and healthy love in their lives." ~ Rachel Jordana, psychologist
Symptoms of Self-Love Deficiency

Without a sense of abiding love within you, you can easily find yourself:

  • Losing yourselves in an attempt to “earn” love and approval

  • Compromising your boundaries and/or overstepping others

  • Getting ungrounded and triggered in intimate relationships

  • Hiding your truth and creating unnecessary conflict

  • Neglecting your needs and struggling in neediness

  • Getting pulled into drama-filled relationship dynamics


Creating Abundant Love From the Inside Out

Imagine what your life could look like if you knew how to create a field of love that nourished and held you independent of your relationship status. Imagine what it would be like to walk around in a powerful field of love that you generated from the inside out; one that could beautifully support you during relationship transitions and uncertainty.

What if you moved through life surrounded by “A Compelling Bubble of Love”?


With a “Compelling Bubble of Love” you can:
  • Call love in with ease and grace

  • Feel empowered in your intimate relationships

  • Enjoy a grounded love life, rich with pleasurable experiences

  • Develop intimate authentic connections that reflect your truth

  • Co-create relationships that honor your essential needs

  • Create heart connections that generate joy, laughter and play


In this course, “Your Compelling Bubble of Love: Six Self-Love Skills to Create Abundant Love From the Inside Out,” I want to help you learn how to create a potent bubble of love so that you feel grounded in love, wherever life takes you.


Click here to learn more...

Somatic Skills for Cultivating Sexual Integrity and Intimacy

[For Men] Dec 2018 (past)

~Presented by Ritual~

With Lorina Manzanita

$30 tickets via EventBrite: https://goo.gl/UGDT7r

A workshop for men who want to up level their experience of intimacy with integrity. (Women are welcome to attend in support! Please contact Lorina directly to inquire if interested in playing a supporting role.)

~ How can you initiate, invite and enjoy intimate, nonverbal sexy spaces without unconsciously crossing boundaries?

~ What can you do to not get sucked into drama dynamics and get caught up in the roles of perpetrator, victim and rescuer/enabler?

~ How can you embody the qualities of attunement, trustworthiness and integrity without cutting yourself off from the pleasure and power of your sexuality and authentic desires?

In the wake of the #metoo movement many men find themselves asking such questions. The answers are not obvious.

I, Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach and SE Trauma Resolution Practitioner, want to help you find answers to the above questions and more.

Please join me for an evening workshop for men who want support and guidance to develop the embodied skills necessary to co-create sexually alive, trustworthy and mutually satisfying intimate connections.

During this workshop we will explore with our minds and bodies the nuances of integrity and power of the drama triangle. You will also be introduced to 6 somatic (aka mind-body) skills that can help you cultivate more trustworthy intimacy and less drama dynamics within any relationship.

Collectively these 6 somatic skills can help you:

~ Ease anxiety, fears of rejection and get you out of your head and into an embodied, present moment intimate connection

~ Pay attention to boundaries (both yours and others) without reactivity

~ Cultivate a satisfying felt sense of pleasure and safety while softening the impulses to grasp for more or push for a sexual agenda

~ Listen to your body’s wisdom and communicate in a way that initiates more fulfilling depths of connection with yourself and others

~ Attune to the deeper needs and desires within a connection and transform sexual shame

~ Shine all the more brightly as a sexually alive, confident and embodied man that makes heart wise choices

This evening will introduce you to key principles, practices and tools to help inspire more YESes and honor the NOes with more ease and confidence in any potentially sexual and intimate encounter. Walk away with skills and tools to successfully potentize a mutually satisfying field of consent. Anticipate clear and valuable information, embodied meditations, mindful movement exercises, compassionate dyad and triad sharings and safe opportunities for group discussions.

Open to singles, couples, triads, etc... and people of all genders. We support our whole community - low income application form:https://goo.gl/fk23XK

About Lorina

Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP has been professionally helping people get comfortable in their own skins since 1998. She is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, certified Somatic Experiencing© Trauma Resolution Practitioner, writer and teacher. She’s taught at CommonRoot, HoneyRoot, Maui, the SF Bay Area and online spaces.

Her work integrates a number of healing systems that honor mindfulness and the body's intelligence. Her influences include but are not limited to Somatica© Sex & Relationship coaching, Somatic Experiencing, the Hendricks relationship coaching, Shakti Malan Somatic Sexual Presencing, Hakomi, healing developmental trauma with Diane Poole Heller and Larry Heller and CoActive Coaching with CTI. She’s also a JFK University graduate.

In her one on one experiential coaching work with men she brings her whole juicy, authentic self into connection with her clients. She helps men learn how to be in intimate relationships by practicing intimacy, in real time, with compassionate feedback and guidance. Sometimes it that involves clothes on erotic touch. Sometimes that includes tender holding. Often it’s about clearing shame and providing a space for vulnerable, courageous hearts to unfold. On all occasions she brings her embodied, attuned whole self to support the needs and goals of those in her care. Find out more at: www.LorinaManzanita.com

What people are saying...

"Lorina speaks in a way that's both soothing and productive, a rare combination of zen and zest!"
~ T

"Lorina brings a loving, caring, accepting presence to her work. I feel welcome, seen and supported when I'm with her. I can bring my wounds and confusions around my relationships with women and my sexuality to Lorina and I know she will hold them sacredly, with wisdom and supportive humor. She has a keen intuition and does a wonderful job of tracking me, meeting me where I am at and guiding me. Lorina has a wonderful combination of soft sensuality and authoritative confidence. I embrace more of who I am working with Lorina."
- Joseph E.

"The sessions that we have had have taken me deep into my heart where my true essence is revealed. You help me get underneath the story of what I have believed about myself over the years. Now I get to see myself as a powerful man, as a lover and a healer. My truth as it is revealed is a gift to me. Your work has helped you get there. You are a gift to me. I would recommend your work any man who wants to get a better look at their true self in the presence of a woman dedicated to the healing journey".
- John

"Lorina is a powerful somatic therapist who has helped me navigate the pathway of deeper knowledge of my core patterns and the subtle energetic intimacy which I want to explore with others. She gives exquisite attention to me as a client, giving me precise feedback on what she perceives in me and how my energy is landing for her. The work is meditative, sacred and so much fun!"
- David R

$30 Tickets: https://goo.gl/UGDT7r